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NJ Fact Sheet: Truisms, Facts, Jokes, and Tidbits

NJ Fact Sheet

This collection of New Jersey fact, truisms, and jokes is about amazing and little known (except for Jerseyans) events and jokes that not only have have changed the world we live in, but also how New Jerseyans have become second to rednecks for the target of jokes.

Most Jerseyans know about this stuff, but many visitors are amazed at what New Jerseyans have been able to accomplish while also coming off with less than complimentary personality traits and interests

New Jersey Facts

New Jersey Facts
New Jersey facts is a collection of amazing events that have changed the world we live in. Here is a listing of these life changing events that have occurred first in New Jersey.

Did you ever wonder where the first college football game was played, or why New Jersey is called the "Garden State", or where and what many of the inventions that changed the world were invented. NJ facts may have the answer for you.
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New Jersey Truisms and Humor

New Jersey Truisms and Humor - You're a Jerseyan if.. -
Here are the top New Jersey truisms and humorous one liners that identify you as being from Jersey when you can identify with most of them. Most Jerseyans will find these jokes funny if not just plain true.

Non-Jerseyans, or wanna be's, may see not see the humor or relate to them unless they've spent some time here.
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New Jersey - Best State to live in

Best State to Live In: Six Reasons Why It's New Jersey
Despite the jokes and negative stereotyping, New Jersey continues to attract people for it's benefits.
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