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Have a question about New Jersey? Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about all that New Jersey has to offer.


New Jersey with it's very popular 127 mile Jersey Shore, mountains, a wide variety of inland towns and attractions, as well as world class entertainment venues and restaurants, has much to offer people seeking exciting and out of the ordinary leisure experiences.


Find answers to the most asked questions about New Jersey for each of the four seasons




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) By Season


Summer FAQ's
Summer FAQSummer in New Jersey is a great time of the year with warm weather bringing out residents and visitors for day trips, weekend getaways, and vacations.

The Jersey Shore with it's beaches, boardwalks, and amusements parks is still the most popular destination. It's also a great time to of the year to visit many of the inland destinations and festivals.


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Fall FAQ's
Fall FAQAutumn in New Jersey is a great time of the year with to enjoy the many fall activities, attractions, and festivals and to get out and see the beautiful fall foliage and the end of the growing season celebrations that occur throughout the State of NJ.


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Winter FAQ's
Winter FAQWinter, the coldest season of the year is a time for many indoor events, and for the more adventurous, there are some great outdoor winter fun activities like skiing, snow boarding, and skating.. It is also Valentines Day and a time to celebrate an intimate romantic occasion.

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Spring FAQ's
Spring FAQ, New JerseyThe arrival of Spring comes into full bloom with the greening of trees, the emergence of flowers and the resurgence of many outdoor activities. The more adventurous can get out to enjoy the outdoors with hiking, biking, canoing, and some early spring camping. As the weather warms up and Memorial Day arrives. it is also the unofficial beginning of summer when visitors will head out by the thousands to the Jersey shore to hit the beaches and the boardwalk amusement parks.
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