The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New Jersey

Vegetarian Restaurants in New Jersey

The criteria used for the best Vegetarian restaurants give strong consideration to the selection of fresh organic products, the variety and creativity of well prepared vegetarian dishes on the menu, service, and decor.

Organic restaurants that serve meat products are included here if their menu is predominantly vegetarian and the food is of excellent quality.

Vegan restaurants with a stricter diet also are included here.

What is a Vegetarian?

Vegetarians abstain from the consumption of meat, poultry, seafood and the flesh of any other animals, though some dairy products such as eggs are acceptable. However, cheeses made from rennet, the stomach of slaughtered newly-born calves are not accepted. Cheeses such as Paneer, an Indian cheese and ricotta is made without any any kind of rennet are therefore acceptable.

Some vegetarians accept milk in their diet because of their claim that no animal is killed. Vegetarians also do not eat products that contain gelatin or other meat-based products.

A vegan diet is stricter eliminating all animal products from their diet including dairy and eggs. Being a vegan also is a lifestyle, as vegans generally do not wear leather and avoid products made from animals such as wool, silk and down.

The Best Veggie Restaurants in New Jersey

Chand Palace
Three NJ Locations

Chand Palace

In Bridgewater, Parsippany & Piscataway
This BYOB Indian restaurant, one of the best veggie restaurants in Northern Jersey, serves up a buffet of  Indian,  and Indian-Chinese selections.
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Clean Plate Kitchen
Clinton, NJ

Clean Plate Kitchen

Serves healthy food prepared with minimally processed foods using locally sourced, organic ingredients. In the warmer months try and get a seat on the outdoor patio with a view of the Old Red Mill on the Raritan River.
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Good Karma Vegan Cafe
Red Bank, NJ

Good Karma Vegan Cafe

Good Karma Vegan Cafe is  the best vegan restaurant in Monmouth County and one of the best in New Jersey. It has a funky, hipster atmosphere.
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Kaya's Kitchen
Belmar, NJ

Kaya's Kitchen

One of the best vegetarian & vegan friendly restaurants on the Jersey Shore.

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Local Urban Kitchen
Point Pleasant, NJ

Diners who enjoy well prepared organic food with vegan and meat options in a funky ambiance.

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Mundo Vegan
Montclair, NJ

Mundo Vegan restaurant

One of the top vegan restaurants in Northern NJ. Popular with diners who enjoy a good vegan sit-down restaurant.
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New Brunswick, NJ

Veganized Restaurant

One of the best Vegan restaurants in Middlesex County. Popular with diners who enjoy creative vegan & organic food.
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Veggie Heaven
Teaneck, NJ

Veggie Heaven, NJ

Popular with dines Diners who enjoy quality Asian influenced Vegetarian & Vegan food.

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