New Jersey Trendy Restaurants

New Jersey Trendy Restaurants

New Jersey restaurants are quickly taking hold of the latest trend that appeals to younger diners who seek out restaurants with a refreshing, energetic, casually elegant dining experience that is a departure from the "Old World" stuffy style of dining.

Formal, stuffy, and expensive is a dying breed of restaurants!  Restaurants are reinventing themselves by becoming more casual with fewer costly amenities. chandeliers, drapes, table linens, and waiters in tuxes.

What are the new breed of younger diners looking for?

Vibrant Ambiance -  Younger diners are looking for a vibrant atmosphere with rustic, upscale, trendy ambiance. "Old World " ambiance with waiters in tuxedos, chandeliers, elegant draperies, and other costly amenities are out!

Healthy Food - Diners are increasingly aware of healthy and environmentally safe food choices. Restaurants committed to buying local, and using fresh farm to table, organic products and wild caught seafood are increasingly in demand.

More Creative, More Options, Smaller Food Portions. The appetizer/entree menu format is being phased out. People like to customize their dining experience. Diners are no longer interested in huge portions that result in left over doggy bags. Small plates and more portion options that can be shared. Plate sharing enhances a more intimate dining experience among couples and  friendship  groups.

Minimal and Lighter Menus. Less menu options with an emphasis on quality ingredients, smaller portions, and the use of light sauces to bring out the flavor of quality ingredients. Menus with fewer choices are done so to insure that the ingredients are fresh, purchased daily and the menu items are prepared when ordered. The new, trendy restaurants avoid the use of heavy sauces that mask the taste of frozen, reheated, and poor quality ingredients.

Serving Alcohol - BYOB is out with younger 21 - 45 year old diners.  This demographic enjoys ordering cocktails and craft beers in a social setting and in meeting up with friends. 

Popular New Jersey Trendy Restaurants

Northern NJ Trendy Restaurants With Reviews



One of the best French Restaurants in NJ. Faubourg is a trendy, French brasserie with a NYC vibe, and a management team with impressive credentials
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Jockey Hollow Bar

Jockey Hollow Bar Morristown

Located in a century old restored mansion. Enjoyed by diners who come for trendy, upscale dining with a vibrant bar scene,
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Maritime Parc
Jersey City

Maritime Parc Jersey City

Serves well prepared sea food with trendy, modern ambiance and scenic waterfront views.

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Ninety Acres at Natirar

Ninety Acres at Natirar Peapack

Ninety Acres is one of the top restaurants in Northern NJ for decor, ambiance, and for a scenic rural setting. They serve creative dishes using local and sustainable food sources
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Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge

Stonehouse at Stirling Ridge  Warren

For diners who enjoy food prepared with natural locally grown ingredients in a chic, trendy, casual setting.

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Central NJ Trendy Destination Restaurants With Reviews

618 Restaurant

For diners who enjoy a creative American menu with healthy food options, in an attractive, modern - rustic atmosphere with a well stocked bar.
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Agricola  Princeton

For diners who enjoy excellent fresh, farm to table food with an option for communal dining, in a rustic trendy setting.
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Barrio Costero 
Asbury Park


Serves high end, sophisticated creations of Mexican Coastal tapas, in an attractive chic setting. 
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Red Bank

Birravino Red Bank

A popular Italian Trattoria with a trendy industrial - chic atmosphere that features good wines, beer, and Italian food
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Cross & Orange
Asbury Park

Cross & Orange Asbury Park

Serves New American Eclectic food in trendy industrial chic setting with bare wooden floors and wooden tables.
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Cuzin's Marlboro

Popular with diners who enjoy creatively prepared seafood dishes with attractive upscale, industrial chic, ambiance.
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Elements Restaurant Princeton

This is a non-traditional dining experience with a creative, inspired menu using fresh farm to table ingredients in an upscale, trendy setting.
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Tre Restaurant Freehold

A popular place for people who enjoy pizza and a beer with lively. industrial chic ambiance.

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Southern NJ Trendy Destination Restaurants With Reviews

Mudhen Brewing Co.


The only Brew Pub in Wildwood, a popular family-friendly spot for home brewed craft beers, good food, live entertainment, in a trendy, festive atmosphere. 
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Sea Salt
Cape May

Sea Salt Restaurant Cape May

For diners who enjoy food prepared with fresh local ingredients, with an upscale, trendy ambiance. Offers a scenic view of the beach and ocean.
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