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Best Cheap Eateries in New Jersey

Affordable, casual restaurants without all the fancy trimmings

Cheap Eateries in New Jersey

New Jersey has many "Cheap Eateries" or inexpensive restaurants that stand out as having good value.

A cheap eatery is defined as a casual restaurant that offers good value food and fast service without all the trimmings of expensive decor, a view, gourmet food, or wait staff that panders, or very few of the qualities normally found in a fine dining restaurant.

Many of these inexpensive restaurants are family restaurants that welcome kids, and include diners, fast food chains, and local family run eateries.

Northern Jersey affordable "cheap eateries"

Cubby's BBQ
Cubby's BBQ Ribs Restaurant
This BBQ eatery is family-friendly in a cafeteria-like atmosphere and a menu that covers the full range of BBQ food. The service is fast, the portions are huge, and the price is very reasonable.
Hiram's Hot Dogs
Ft. Lee
Facebook page
This is a place to go for exceptional hot dogs, burgers, and a beer, without all the fancy trimmings that can drive the price up.
Little Food Cafe Bayonne NJ
Little Food Cafe
Bayonne, NJ
Run by a mother/daughter team, they are open for breakdast, lunch and dinner. Serves freshly prepared home-made an affordable price
Rutt's Hut
Rutt's Hut
If you don't mind a truck stop atmosphere, not having to dress up, and enjoy deep fried hot dogs, with a beer, this is the place for you. Rutt's Hut is a place from out of the past. And the prices for beer and food can't be beat!
White Manna Hamburgers
White Manna's
White Manna's has become a legend in New Jersey for tasty hamburgers. You don't come to this diner for their decor (it's grimy, basic, and old time diner style) or their large selection of deli sandwiches, and certainly not for the diet conscious. You come here for their very good, inexpensive food.

Central Jersey affordable "cheap eateries"

Harold's New York Deli
Harold's New York Deli Restaurant
There is no way to adequately describe this place. They serve up excellent quality deli food in such huge portions that you will not be able to finish it. If you have an average appetite, order a sandwich or meal and split it with someone else.
Ru Hungry? New Brunswick
R U Hungry?
New Brunswick
Home of the original "Fat Sandwich", a Rutgers University icon, and the 'Fat Darrell' sandwich. They also have healthier options Originally started as a food truck, thry have now opened a brick and mortar store.
Sweet Lou's Cafe, Freehold
Sweet Lou's Cafe
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This breakfast - lunch restaurant is a popular hit with the locals and business people in Freehold.

Southern Jersey affordable "cheap eateries"

McGlade's, Cape May
McGlades Restaurant On The Pier
Cape May
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You can't get any closer to the ocean than this. Come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner and eat on the deck along the beach, and there is a good chance you will see dolphins swimming along the shore.
The Pop Shop, Collingswood & Medford
The Pop Shop
An ideal place if you have young kids and looking for an "out - of - the - ordinary", kid friendly place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
White House Subs Atlantic City
White House Restaurant
Atlantic City
This White House is a must visit for any one who comes to Atlantic City looking for that special sub or hoagie, or whatever part of the country you call your favorite sandwich.