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This Blog lets you know whenever any new Web pages appear on New Jersey Leisure Guide, telling you about a new event, attraction, or a restaurant.

It also .....
- Points out some of our favorite past attractions and events that you might otherwise missed.
- Lets you know when I send out the New Jersey Leisure Guide news e-zine (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue)

Recent Articles

  1. New Jersey Pickleball Courts: Where to Play

    May 26, 24 04:24 PM

    Discover New Jersey Pickleball Courts and Clubs open to the Public. Information and places to play Pickleball in New Jersey

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  2. New Jersey Certified Organic Farms

    May 26, 24 01:31 PM

    Learn why New Jersey Organic farms are a NJ agricultural success story. Discover the NJ farms verified as organic by the USDA Organic Integrity Database.

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  3. The Best Kayaking Trips in New Jersey

    May 24, 24 02:20 PM

    Discover The Best New Jersey Kayaking Launch Sites, Rivers, Lakes, and Bays, Rentals, and Group Tours

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  4. The Best Private Camp Grounds in New Jersey

    May 23, 24 03:22 PM

    Your Guide to New Jersey's Best Private Campgrounds and Camping Resorts: Features amenities not found in state parks, including having a beer with your meal

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  5. Best Memorial Day Events In NJ

    May 22, 24 02:35 PM

    Your Guide to the best 2024 Memorial Day Events in NJ. Features New Jersey Parades, Ceremonies, and Festivals

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  6. The Best Kids Amusement Parks in New Jersey

    May 20, 24 03:31 PM

    Your Guide To The Best Kids Amusement Parks in New Jersey. From north to south, NJ is dotted with fun-packed amusement and theme parks

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  7. The Top Picnic Areas in New Jersey

    May 20, 24 09:51 AM

    New Jersey Picnic Areas
    Your guide to the top New Jersey picnic areas for corporate, family, friends, re-unions, and fund raisers

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  8. New Jersey Fireworks Shows: 2024 Year Round Fireworks Events

    May 19, 24 04:24 PM

    Central NJ July Events
    Discover The Best Year Round New Jersey Fireworks shows. Features year 2024 fireworks displays at festivals, concerts and community celebtations

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  9. The Best 2024 New Jersey Restaurant Weeks and Events

    May 18, 24 05:09 PM

    The 2024 Restaurant Weeks in New Jersey is a unique opportunity to enjoy special promotional menus or discounted meals to draw in new patrons.

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  10. Best New Jersey July Things To Do: Our Top 10 Picks For NJ

    May 18, 24 02:05 PM

    Discover New Jersey's Best July Things to Do: Features The Top 10 seasonal attractions, popular events, and hidden gems

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