Corona Virus (Covid-19) Update: New Jersey Recreational Business Closings
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This Blog lets you know whenever any new Web pages appear on New Jersey Leisure Guide, telling you about a new event, attraction, or a restaurant.

It also .....
- Points out some of our favorite past attractions and events that you might otherwise missed.
- Lets you know when I send out the New Jersey Leisure Guide news e-zine (in case you don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to miss an issue)

Recent Articles

  1. South Jersey Memorial Day Celebrations

    May 16, 21 03:21 PM

    Your Guide to the best 2021 South Jersey Memorial Day Ceremonies, Events, Parades, and Festivals

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  2. Central Jersey Memorial Day Celebrations

    May 16, 21 03:19 PM

    Discover the popular 2021 Central Jersey Memorial Day Events, Parades, Tributes, and Festivals.

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  3. Memorial Day Weekend Events In New Jersey

    May 16, 21 03:17 PM

    Your Guide to the best 2021 Memorial Day Ceremonies, Events, Parades, and Festivals

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  4. May Events: Our Top Picks To Plan Your Day Out in New Jersey

    May 16, 21 10:36 AM

    Discover New Jersey's Best May Events: Uncover The Month's Top seasonal attractions, popular events, and hidden gems

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  5. The Best Arts and Crafts Festivals and Shows in New Jersey

    May 15, 21 08:51 AM

    New Jersey Arts and crafts shows features Juried artists and crafts people who come from outside the state to display their work.

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  6. South Jersey Music Festivals: Your Guide To The Best Concerts

    May 13, 21 08:23 AM

    Discover The Best South Jersey Music Festivals At Live Venues. Uncover Concerts with Blue Grass, Country, Rock, Jazz, and Folk.

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  7. New Jersey Leisure Guide: Discover The Best NJ Attractions & Events

    May 10, 21 08:41 AM

    New Jersey Leisure Guide: Experience the best NJ attractions, events, restaurants, and things to do like a local

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  8. Popular Drive-in Events in New Jersey

    May 07, 21 04:04 PM

    Discover the top Drive-in Events : A great entertainment activity in observenace of New Jersey's COVID-19 precautions

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  9. Best Horseback Riding Camps For Kids in New Jersey

    May 07, 21 11:37 AM

    Discover The Top Kids horseback riding Camps in New Jersey: Features Summer Horseback Riding Camps Open To The Public

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  10. The Best Strawberry Picking Farms in New Jersey

    May 07, 21 11:13 AM

    Your Guide To Strawberry Picking in NJ: A great family activity and the best way to enjoy flavor full strawberries

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