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Frank Dalotto

Founded in 2007, New Jersey Leisure Guide was created by Frank Dalotto as an online resource to provide visitors and residents with New Jersey leisure activity information gathered by insiders who have lived in New Jersey for most or all their lives.


New Jersey Leisure Guide strives to:
1) Provide an online resource for fun, entertaining, and adventuresome information for adults and families with a desire to learn and explore all that New Jersey has to offer.

2) Dispel the myths of New Jersey. New Jersey has long been the butt of jokes and stereotypes, by visitors and residents alike.

We do this by providing information obtained through research, visits, and direct contact with sponsors of attractions, events, festivals, lodging, and restaurants.

Travel Award

IGLU Travel Award

New Jersey Leisure Guide is the recipient of IGLU's 2011 Travel Award for being at the top of the chart in providing viewers with the information they need to plan their New Jersey trip.

How we’re funded

Funding for New Jersey Leisure Guide comes from paid advertisers and affiliate marketing programs. We offer no paid subscriptions.

We have a strict advertising policy consistent with our brand’s core values to restrict objectionable ads and content with our contract advertisers and affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate program links appearing on our pages mean that if a viewer either clicks or purchases, we receive a commission at no cost to the viewer. This money helps support the site, and we do our best to use the income to provide our viewers with as much detail and free information about New Jersey leisure activities as possible.

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