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Organic farms:
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New Jersey Organic Farms

Organic farming is a process of caring for the environment through farming techniques that ensure the health and well-being of the soil, the plants and the animals that are being raised and cared for.

It includes a rigorous system of sustainable agriculture that takes time and commitment with a significant benefit accruing to future generations.

Organic Food and Sustainable Agriculture Systems

The certification of organic food requires farming processes that exclude the use of contamination by human or industrial waste, harmful pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ionizing radiation, and food additives. Livestock must be free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Sustainable Agriculture Systems
Sustainable agriculture systems are processes and techniques that are used to produce healthy and environmentally safe food.
As a minimum, these agriculture systems are used to ensure that:

  • The fertility of the soil is continuously maintained and improved.
  • The quality of water is protected and enhanced
  • The farm workers, and all other factors in food production chain are protected
  • The discharge of waste and greenhouse gas emissions are treated to achieve minimal impact on the environment

While there is no widely recognized body for certification of Sustainable Food and Agriculture systems, the other components, Organic and Bio Dynamic Food and Agriculture systems have certification standards.

2017 Certified NJ Organic Farms

Note: These suppliers (farms) have been verified either against the List of Certified USDA Organic operations or the list of NJDA-Certified Organic. Only certified operations may sell, label, or represent their product as organic unless exempt or excluded from certification.

Certified Organic Farms in North Jersey

Alstede Farms, New Jersey
Alstede Farms

1 Chesterfield Drive
Chester, NJ
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Has 500 acres of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, with a farm market. Many of these farm products are available as "Pick Your Own". Supports CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

Old Hook Farm, New JerseyOld Hook Farm
650 Old Hook Rd
Emerson, NJ 07630
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
They have certified organic fields producing over 150 varieties of vegetables during the growing season, a natural food market open year round, and greenhouses that are stocked with organic environmentally friendly lawn and garden products.

Certified Organic Farms in Central Jersey

Chickadee Creek Farm

Chickadee Creek Farm
62 Titus Mill Rd
Pennington, NJ
(609) 462-3854
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
An 80 acre farm that grows a variety of organic products including zucchini, striped heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, and sweet winter carrots, lettuces, ginger,and more. Organic products can be purchased either with a " Pick your own" CSA membership, or at a number of retail farm markets that include: the Princeton Farmers Market, NJ Rutgers Gardens Farmers’ Market, Pennington Farmers’ Market, Montgomery Farmers’ Market, Westfield Farmers’ Market, and the Denville Farmers’ Market

Gravity Hill Farm

Gravity Hill Farm
67 Pleasant Valley Road
Titusville, NJ
(609) 737-2834
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Gravity Hill is dedicated to working within their community to help educate about food and sustainable farming. They grow over 40 kinds of vegetables and fruit, and a large variety of plants.
The retail market is open on Saturdays and Sundays with their organic veggies, mushrooms, micro-greens, fresh-cut flowers and healthy prepared foods , salads, soups and kale smoothies. They also invite Guest Farms throughout the season, with grass-fed meats, eggs, cheese and more. Visitors will get to sample of their veggie of the week along with a delicious snack as you walk the fields and visit the animal barn

Great Road Farm
Great Road Farm
1459 Great Road,
Skillman, NJ
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
112 acres of beautiful, preserved farm land, Thay grow over 120 varieties of organi vegetables each year: from arugula to zucchini, herbs to salad mix. Their growing methods focus on flavor and sustainability, from using bio-intensive techniques on their 1 acre of permanent raised beds while building the soil through cover cropping and crop rotation for the rest of our fields. Their products are found at many of the high end fine dining restaurants in New Jersey and at their retail outlet at the
West Windsor Farmers Market
southbound Vaughn Drive parking lot
the Princeton Junction train station off of Alexander Road

Merrick Farm, NJMerrick Farm
98 Merrick Rd.
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
A CSA farm open from June to October. They also have grass fed beef all year round. Retail produce is available at the farm stand Monday through Saturday from 10- 6 in season, and at the Asbury Park Farmers Market every Thursday evening from 4-7.

Terhune Orchards, Princeton, NJTerhune Orchards
330 Cold Soil Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
They have eight acres set aside for organic produce. The produce includes organic lettuces, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower. radishes, tomatillos, cabbage and Brussel sprouts.

Z Organic Food Farm

Z Food Farm
3501 Princeton Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12:00PM to 7:00PM; May/June to October
A small organic farm, committed to promoting food as a powerful cultural force for interacting with their environment & within their communities by providing certified organic, high quality, exciting varieties of vegetables, herbs, & fruits.

Certified Organic Farms in South Jersey

Big Buck Farms

Big Buck Farms " Little Buck Organics"
345 Columbia Road
Hammonton, NJ08037
609-704-7622 (office), 609-820-0964 (mobile)
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
This 116-acre farm in the Pine Barrens sells market fresh blueberries available from June through August and frozen blueberries are available all year around. While the bulk of their Blueberries are sold to distributors, they never turn away a car pulling into their driveway in need of a small order of Blueberries There is no farm stand and they do not offer a pick-your-own berries option.

Danlynn Farms

DanLynn Farms
145 Perkintown Road
Pedricktown, NJ 08067
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
An organic Farm for vegetables with a self-serve farm stand, from 9am - 8pm, or twilight, starting the first Saturday in May and ending the last Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Eden's Natural Garden, NJ

Eden's Natural Garden, LLC
3315 Dutch Mill Road
Newfield, New Jersey 0834
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from organic growers and distillers. They are steam distilled, cold pressed directly from flowers, leaves, bark and wood without any adulteration or synthetic additives, as it was intended, directly from nature. All of their products are 100% pure. They do not add bases, fillers, additives, etc to any of their oils.

Muth Family Farm

Muth Family Farm
1639 Pitman Downer Road
Williamstown, NJ
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
They offer a CSA program that provides a weekly supply of locally-grown, organic produce at a reasonable price. The program runs for sixteen weeks. Come to the farm once a week during the season and fill your own basket with a variety of fresh produce.

Simply Grazin Organic Farm

Simply Grazin Organic Farms
382 Georgetown Franklin Turnpike (Route 518)
Skillman, NJ 08558
Simply Grazin has an Eco Cert organic Certification
They raise beef, pork and poultry.  In NJ, they raise Yorkshire, Landrace, wild boar and Berkshire, and crosses of all.  Their poultry is raised on pasture in bottomless, portable pens.  NJ serves as one of their finishing operations for pork. 
Retail market is located at
Skillman Farm Market & Butcher Shop
1932 US Highway 206
Skillman, NJ 08558|
Phone: 609-309-5451
They offer assistance with a discussion with the butcher which cut you would like and then you can actually watch them cut your beef, pork, veal, lamb (seasonal) or poultry.

Rosedale Blueberry Farm

Rosedale Blueberry Farm
145 Laurel Ave,
Rosedale, Hammonton, NJ 08037
Office (609) 567-8130
Certified Organic by: [NJDA] New Jersey Department of Agriculture
This 30 acre family farm offers organic blueberries and blackberries from mid-June to mid August.
Sells packed berries during the growing season. Be sure to call before you come to check availability. Thedy do not offer pick-your-own/u-pick. They also sell Blueberry Blossom Honey. (Check out Honey page) Blueberry and Blackberry Plants are available for sale as well.

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