Bistro Ole Restaurant
An Asbury Park, NJ rating and review


Bistro Ole
230 Main St.
Asbury Park, NJ

Bistro Ole Restaurant 



Price Moderate Expensive
Fare Portuguese-Spanish

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating  

thumbs up Most diners report the Latin fusion food is very good, and the service is very friendly and attentive.

thumbs down Many diners expressed displeasure with not being able to make reservations and having a long wait on weekends.

Value: The overall value is good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy good, Latin infused ethnic food.
Not Recommended For: Diners who basic food in a more casual family restaurant setting.
Recommended dishes: Sea Bass; Paella Valenciana; and Camarao in garlic Sauce.
Liquor: BYOB

Restaurant Review

Bistro Olé is a popular Asbury Park restaurant offering unique Spanish-Portuguese fusion fare with very friendly and attentive service in an energetic atmosphere.

It is set in a small and modern storefront with the decor in a black-and-white theme, and depictions of bull fights, Hispanic life, pottery and artifacts.

The BYOB restaurant sits directly across from the Asbury Park municipal building on the corner of Main Street and Mattison Avenue.

You can expect your dining experience to start out by a friendly, enthusiastic greeting from Rico, your host and part owner.

The Spanish - Portuguese cuisine is well prepared using fresh ingredients and creative presentations.

Entrees are served with julienne vegetables and a choice of Spanish rice, fried potatoes or garlic-mashed potatoes.

Private dining rooms and outdoor dining available.

Note: reservations not accepted, except for holidays, and your entire party must be present to be seated.

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Fine Dining
Restaurant Rating Legend

No Stars Below average
One star Average
Two stars Above Average
Three stars Excellent
Four stars Best in Class
N/A= A casual dining eatery, not rated as a fine dining restaurant 

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