New Jersey Facts Truisms and Humor: You're a New Jerseyan if...

You know you're from New Jersey if you can identify with this list of New Jersey truisms or jokes about NJ.

Most New Jerseyans will find these truisms funny if not just plain true.

Non- New Jerseyans, or wanna be's, may see not see the humor or relate to them unless they've spent some time here.

Top New Jersey Truisms and Humorous One Liners
That Identify You As Being From Jersey

The only people who say "Joizy" are from New York.

You know that it's called "Great Adventure", not "Six Flags."

You know that people from the 609 area code are "a little different".

You went to the shore after your senior prom.

You know that a "jug handle" has is nothing to do with a cup.

You go to the boardwalk at least once a year.

You only go to NYC for day trips.

You know that people from north Jersey go to Point Pleasant or Seaside Heights, and people from south Jersey go to Ocean City or Wildwood.آ

There are no self-serve gas stations -- and you like it that way.

You can't understand why there aren't any 24 hour diners in the rest of the country.

You live within 45 minutes of at least 3 different malls.

You know what a "Benny" is and can spot one at the shore.

Every year you have at least one kid in your class named Tony.

You've been in a city or town where Spanish is spoken more than English.

You don't take no crap from no one.

You call it the "shore", except if you are from south Jersey.

You've eaten a boardwalk sausage n' pepper sub and vinegar fries,

You know that "Heros" are from north Jersey and "Hoagies" are from south Jersey.

You know where Bruce Springsteen was born and raised.

You know where Bon Jovi was raised.

You've lived through hurricanes, northeasters and fires, but have never seen a tornado, earthquake, tsunami or volcano.

When you say you're going to Englishtown you mean you're going to the flea market, not the town.

Pizza isn't pizza if it doesn't flop around with stringy cheese and grease squishing out the sides.

Taylor Ham & Pork roll - In North Jersey it's called Taylor Ham and in South Jersey it's called the Pork roll. Outside New Jersey it's not known of at all

When ordering coffee in a NJ diner --- You know that coffee "regular" is with cream and sugar. *(Decaf...get outa here)