Local Smoke BBQ: A NJ Restaurant Review

Local Smoke BBQ

Local Smoke BBQ
5 NJ locations: Website

New Hanover, NJ
19 Wrightstown Cookstown Road

Neptune City, NJ
719 New Jersey Highway 35

Oceanport, NJ
175 Oceanport Avenue

Red Bank, NJ
244 West Front Street

Sea Girt, NJ
2100 New Jersey Highway 35

Local Smoke BBQ: Highlights

Fare:   Slow Cooked BBQ

Price: In-expensive

Noise Level: Moderate

Liquor: BYOB

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy excellent BBQ food in a rustic, bare bones, down home setting

Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer BBQ food in a more upscale family oriented setting.

Recommended dishes: When available, Pulled Pork served on a bun and topped with homemade BBQ sauce: the Beef Brisket served chopped; and the Pork Rubbed Ribs served with their homemade BBQ sauce.

With five NJ Locations, Local Smoke BBQ is one of the top BBQ places in New Jersey and about as close as you can get to authentic Kansas City and southern-style BBQ.

This award-winning BBQ eatery has successfully competed nationally in BBQ championships. It started as a competitive BBQ team named Fat Angel BBQ before opening its first locations in Cookstown and Neptune NJ

Local Smoke BBQ slow-smokes all meat using a combination of fruit and hickory woods slow-cooked for many hours at 170-200 degrees, depending on the type of meat.

Local Smoke BBQ slow-smokes all meat with a combination of sugar maple and cherry wood.

Their BBQ is complimented with its homemade Uncle Dick's BBQ Rub and BBQ sauces. The meat will show a strong pink-to-red coloration called a "smoke ring", which is a result of being cooked low and slow. The smoke ring is not an indication of undercooking, as the BBQ spends many hours in the smoker and finishes at a "well-done" temperature of 170-200 degrees, depending on the type of meat.

They offer three types of their gluten-free homemade sauces:
The Carolina Style a  tomato based, vinegar sauce with pepper flakes is served with slow-smoked Pulled Pork.
The Original Sweet sweet, thick, tomato-based Kansas City-style sauce is served with our Ribs, Chicken.
and The Brisket Original Spicy BBQ with a kick is offered on the side.

There is table seating and a small counter with several stools. large windows, an open kitchen, and walls adorned with their BBQ competition awards, all taken together the interior provides an open clean look.

Pick a table, and when ready to order head up to the counter, take a number, put on your table and your order is brought out to you by a waitress.

The wait staff is very friendly and attentive.

Local Smoke BBQ also does a great job with off-premises BBQ catering with events ranging from fifty people to thousands. that have included weddings, corporate events, pig roasts, tailgate parties, graduation parties, yacht club parties, and other large events.

Updated March 2024

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