The Best New Jersey Outdoor Activities 

New Jersey Outdoor Activities

Your guide to the best New Jersey Outdoor Activities.
Listed here are the popular year round NJ activities,
especially appealing to the outdoor enthusiast.

New Jersey outdoor activities have plenty to offer the outdoor enthusiast.

With forests, mountains, lakes, an ocean, marshlands, beaches and more, NJ has a variety of outdoor activities that include hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing, surfing, fishing, crabbing, hunting, picnic venues, and more.

New Jersey having a very diverse geography and climate with mountains, forests, 127 miles miles of ocean coastline, rivers, lakes and four seasons, provides the outdoor enthusiast with a variety of out door fun throughout the year.

Popular Outdoor Spring, Summer, Fall Activities

NJ State and
National Parks

Jenny Jump State Park

NJ public parks with forests, and recreation areas

NJ State Park

NJ State Park Camping

For a less expensive, more rural, camping experience.

NJ Private Camp Grounds

NJ Private Camp Grounds

Offers many on-site activities with less restrictions.

New Jersey
County Parks

New Jersey County Parks

Includes zoos, nature education centers, hiking trails, and more.

New Jersey
Picnic Areas

New Jersey Picnic Areas

For corporate, family, re-union, school, and other summer outings.

New Jersey

New Jersey Beaches

Information on fees, facilities, parking, rest rooms, and More.


Amusement Parks

Parks in all corners of the State, and especially along the Jersey Shore.

Boat Tours and Cruises

Boat Tours and Cruises

Nature tours along with speed boat tours for thrill seekers.

Best Crabbing Places in New Jersey

Best Crabbing in New Jersey

Discover the top spots for catching New Jersey Blue Claw crabs.

New Jersey

New Jersey Fishing

Tips on fishing, and popular fishing spots.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Discover the top Southern NJ places to see whales and dolphins.

Freshwater Lakes
and Rivers

Freshwater Lakes and Rivers

Places for freshwater boating, fishing, swimming, and skating. 



Top places for fresh and salt water kayaking

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Top forested trails, waterfalls, ridges, and scenic views.

Biking Trails

Biking Trails

Top trails for beginners to advanced cyclists.

NJ Wildlife

NJ Wildlife

Facts:  Dispelling popular myths, misconceptions, and fears.


Horseback Riding

Open to the public riding with lessons, and kids programs.

Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly Attractions

Popular pet friendly attractions for a leisure day trip.

Paint ball

Paint ball Fields

Popular paintball fields for people seeking an exciting extreme sport.


Bird Watching

Activity centers and wildlife refuges that for bird watchers

Auto Racing
Tracks  & Events

Auto Racing

NJ race tracks and scheduled events. Includes  (NHRA)  tracks and  "Drive your own" races from beginners, amateurs, to pros.


Shooting Ranges

Top rifle, pistol, shotgun,and trap shooting ranges.



Popular places to play pickleball, learn, and join a group

Popular Outdoor Winter Activities

Snow Sledding

Snow Sledding

Discover the popular places to go snow sledding.

Ski Areas

Ski Areas

Includes downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snow boarding, and snow tubing.

Ice Skating

The best places for Ice skating at an indoor rink, outdoor rink or pond . 

Maple Sugaring

Maple Sugaring

Popular parks for Maple sugaring events and demonstrations.