Ferraris Italian Ocean Grill
A Freehold, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Closed and Re-opened under the same management and chef as Fredo's, a casual Italian Restaurant [ Read More ]


Ferraris Italian Ocean Grill
3475 Us Highway 9
(732) 294-7400

Ferrari's Ocean Grill 

A review of a fine dining Freehold, New Jersey restaurant serving up Italian-Seafood fare.


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Price Moderate - Expensive
Fare Italian-Seafood

Restaurant Rating

Food 2.5 Stars
Service 3.0 Stars
Decor 3.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

Closed and Re-opened under the same management and chef as Fredo's, a casual Italian Restaurant [ Read More ]

This BYOB restaurant in Freehold is an upscale establishment with a nice warm decor that brings patrons exciting new Italian and sea food dishes. They are one of the top restaurants in the Freehold area, and excel in decor and service.

They offer a wide variety of standard menu selections and specials that are consistently good. While many of their selections are Italian, their beef and seafood selections are New American.

The decor is attractive with cherry wood trimmings adorning the walls and ceilings, and tables set with white and red linen and china. They have recently updated the dining area and added attractive artificial silk flower arrangements on the divider separating to the two dining areas and increased the spacing of tables for more intimate conversations with less noise from nearby tables.

During the week they nights with menu specials, steak night, seafood night, etc. that are attractive priced with very good value.

They pay attention to details! They provide warm tasty bread, with a small plate of tasty garlic and virgin olive oil spread, and the wait staff is quick to ensure that the appropriate wine glasses are set out for your BYOB red and wine.

Favorite Friday & Saturday night specials include, Rack of Lamp; Mahi-Mahi; and Bronzini with mussels and large chunks of garlic.

The service is friendly and attentive.

This is a fine dining restaurant that is kids friendly. On Wednesday evenings Kids eat free. They also have an early bird special menu.

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