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The Edge Restaurant, Jackson, NJ: A Dining Review

The Edge Restaurant, Jackson, NJ
The Edge Restaurant
109 N County Line Rd
Jackson Township, NJ 08527
(732) 408-3343

The Edge Restaurant:
Rated the best upscale restaurant in northwestern Ocean County

Edge Restaurant Highlights

Fare: New American with Latin & Asian Influences.

Price: Expensive

Food Quality:  Above average. While the menu is well executed and creatively prepared, healthy ingredients such as wild caught seafood and meats raised free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Are not likely to be sourced.

Service: Wait staff are friendly, willing to please, with a good knowledge of the food menu and wine list.

Ambiance: Unrivaled, upscale, stunning, contemporary chic, with an air of romance - not found in neighboring communities

Overall Rating: 3 Stars - The best upscale restaurant in northwestern Ocean County, driven by stunning decor and ambiance - --- "Upscale Contemporary Casual Dining" -- (* Note - See below restaurant classification for details)

Note: Four star Rating System from 1/2 Star = Poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Noise Level: Moderate to loud

Dress: Upscale Casual

Recommended For: Millennial diners who enjoy upscale dining in an attractive, chic setting with an extensive bar menu.

Not Recommended For: Cost conscious diners who enjoy a casual family style setting, or upscale diners who prefer fine dining amenities, with a healthy menu committed to sustainable food sources.

Recommended dishes: When available, The Pork Chop, double cut w/ braised cabbage / mango salsa; The Prime Delmonico Rib Steak w/ wilted spinach / chimichurri sauce; and The Pappardelle Bolognese w/ root vegetables / porcini mushrooms / parmesan

Liquor: Vibrant, full-service bar, with a large variety of specialty cocktails, an extensive wine list, single malts, blended, whiskies, and 25 bottles of beer with an additional 12 beers on tap.

Edge Restaurant Review

The Edge Restaurant, opened in October 2019, is a welcome addition to the northwestern Ocean County dining scene. It's a popular spot with upscale millennial's who value stunning ambiance and decor with an excellent specialty bar menu. The setting is ideal for meeting up with friends or a date, for drinks and a bite to eat.

The setting is so magical that even if the food were terrible (which it isn't), you'd still tell all your friends to go.

The Edge restaurant with its unrivaled decor and ambiance, stands apart amongst the mostly lackluster restaurants in northwestern Ocean County.

The restaurant is set in a newly constructed stand-alone building with high exposed ceilings. It's an ideal setting for a stunning spacious multi-level interior that combines reclaimed timber that pre-dates the 1930s, with brick walls, steel, leather, and light-colored hardwood flooring.

The centerpiece is the custom built, large rectangular bar constructed with polished Latin American hardwood resting on an elevated platform with a grouping of large screen TVs suspended from the ceiling and centered over the bar. There is seating for 16 at the bar with additional seating in plush lounge chairs and high-top tables.

The main 125-seat dining room surrounds the bar area and features a large cascading waterfall, a fireplace, and an attractive stone communal table. Wooden tables are set sans linen, surrounded by black, comfortable chairs.

It should be noted, this review needs to be taken in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic with restaurants of all kinds being struck hard --- many having closed, and others struggling to survive, and with some of the surviving and more prosperous restaurants having made changes to adapt to the "new normal."

In the past year, the Edge restaurant has re-branded as an “upscale casual dining, destination” restaurant. They have downsized their menu with fewer chef inspired dishes, and with a lesser commitment to the quality of ingredients used, such as wild caught seafood and meats raised free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

During this change, the Edge restaurant has undergone a complete turnover in both the kitchen and wait staff. including their executive chef.

The turnover in wait staff that struggled during the summer months has now stabilized. Under the direction of General Manager Hafid Elbroji, the wait staff service level has significantly improved because of extensive training, especially with their knowledge of the food and alcohol menu.

Since our last review in August 2020, the overall rating has been upgraded to 3 stars, mainly due to the improvement in service.

For diners who enjoy a high-end beverage package, The Edge Restaurant, features a large variety of reasonably priced domestic and international wines offered by the bottle and half bottle, and by the glass. There is also a good selection of single malts, blended and Japanese whiskies, specialty cocktails, bourbons, rum, and 25 bottles of beer with an additional 12 beers on tap.

Not recommended for children.

The Edge has a semi – private dining area for up to 50 people. that can accommodate sit down dinners or cocktail parties.

Reservations are recommended. The Edge restaurant is open six days/week for dinner, Tuesday – Sunday, 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm, and for Sunday Brunch 11:30 am – 3:30 pm

* Description of Restaurant Classification - Upscale Contemporary Casual:

  • Ambiance is trendy, chic with Instagram-worthy decor.
  • Chic, trendy ambiance with a casual atmosphere and a casual dress code.
  • Has an approachable, more casual menu.
  • Not intended to be chef driven. Chefs credentials are less than other other upscale Chef-Inspired Fine and Casual Dining restaurants.
  • Menu items are priced lower than other upscale restaurants.
  • Uses lower priced ingredients than other upscale restaurants with less or no emphasis on local seasonal farm-to-table produce, wild caught seafood, & organic products.
  • Has a large alcohol menu with a large variety of lower – medium priced specialty cocktails, imported and craft beers, and wines. Centerpiece is often an attractive bar and lounge setting with a vibrant crowd.
  • Table service tends to be less professional than other upscale restaurants with staff having a limited knowledge of menu items, though friendly and attentive.
  • Patrons tend to be Millennials and post-Millennial Gen Z.

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