Local Urban Kitchen, Point Pleasant, NJ:
A Restaurant Review

Local Urban Kitchen, Point Pleasant, NJ
Local Urban Kitchen
1805 Rt. 35
Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ

Restaurant Highlights

Fare:  Breakfast/lunch - Healthy Food

Price:  In expensive - moderate

Value:  Excellent

Noise Level:  Moderate

Uses use organic produce, dairy, and meats. The organic meats are grass fed, antibiotic free

Expect a long wait for breakfast on weekends

Recommended For:  Diners who enjoy well prepared organic food with vegan and meat options in a funky ambiance.

Not Recommended For:  Diners who prefer eclectic food in an upscale, trendy ambiance with full bar service.

Recommended dishes:  When available, The Nutella Pancakes; The Date Nut Oatmeal Bowl; and for lunch, The LUK Cheese Steak with sliced thin top round grass fed beef.

Liquor:  BYOB

Restaurant Review

Local Urban Kitchen is a breakfast /lunch eatery that serves up some very good healthy food with a menu that has a variety of organic and vegan items.

It's a popular place for diners who prefer vegan, vegetarian, organic, or gluten free food.

The organic menu offers both vegan and a few meat items for omnivores.

Owned and operated by Marwa Fattah and her brother Maged Fattah, who is also the head chef.

Local Urban Kitchen is committed to the local community placing emphasis on buying their ingredients from fresh, local sources.

When available, their first choice is to use organic produce, dairy, and meats. The organic meats are grass fed, antibiotic free

Local Urban Kitchen also offers smoothies and a juice bar.

The dining area is small with a mix of wooden picnic and regular sized tables and chairs and tables covered with brown paper. The ambiance is funky and casual, with friendly service, kind of what you would expect from a place that serves up healthy, non-traditional food.

The construction of the restaurant is sourced from local craftsman including the hand built, up cycled tables and benches, upholstery, hand made plates, and more.

Outside dining is available during the warmer months.

Open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week, and dinner on Thursday nights.
Friday -Wednesday; 7am - 4pm, Thursday; 7am - 10pm

They are child friendly offering a kids menu.

Local Urban kitchen offers delivery service with a minimum $25 order.

(updated October, 2016)

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