Black Horse Tavern - A Mendham, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Black Horse Tavern
1 W. Main St. (Hilltop Rd.)
Mendham, NJ

Black Horse Tavern, Mendham, NJ - Restaurant review

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Price Expensive
Fare American

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating    

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Many diners reported they enjoyed the rustic country atmosphere with a cozy fireplace.

thumbs up Some diners reported the food, and especially the pub burgers are well prepared.

thumbs downMany diners report the menu is traditional and lacking new creative selections


Value: Good
Noise Level: In the Pub, high during peak times. Moderate in the Tavern.
Dress: Casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy good traditional American in an upscale, in a rustic country Inn
Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer simpler food, lower prices in a more casual setting.
Recommended dishes: Rack of Venison; Meyers Organic Filet; and the burgers in the Pub.
Liquor: Extensive wine list and beers, specialty cocktails.

The Black Horse Tavern is a long standing landmark country pub and tavern in Mendham.

There are set up as two buildings housing the more informal pub where you can sit at the bar or at tables and be served a typical pub menu of burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and drinks by a working fireplace. The Pub is family friendly and tends to have a high noise level during the busy hours.

The other building is a more formal country inn setting with an expanded menu of traditional American food. The decor is rustic country farmhouse with an early American history feel to it. Get a table by the working fireplace and enjoy a cozy dinner.

The diners in the tavern tend to be 50+ in age, high income patrons.

They are open for Sunday Brunch, and on Mothers and Fathers Day.

They have a piano bar every Friday evening and live Jazz on Saturday evenings.

They are Child friendly and offer valet parking

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