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Since 2007, New Jersey Leisure Guide has served as a trusted online portal for exploring the Garden State. Discover hidden gems and must-see attractions, from vibrant festivals and scenic hikes to cozy bed and breakfasts and delicious local restaurants.

Plan your perfect getaway with expert insider tips and comprehensive information, ensuring an unforgettable New Jersey adventure.

You are a click away from learning about what there is to see and do along the Jersey Shore, the mountains, and the wide variety of inland towns and attractions that National Geographic magazine has called New Jersey "America in Miniature."

So, whether you're a local or a visitor, make sure to experience the real New Jersey by exploring its attractions, attending its events, and savoring its delicious cuisine.

This Seasons Featured New Jersey Attractions and Events


May Events

Features NJ's popular April events, festivals, & celebrations.

Things To Do

May Things to do

Features NJ's best May attractions, day trips, and things to do.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Features NJ's Top  Memorial Day weekend parades, ceremonies, and events.

Best NJ

Best NJ Restaurants

Our picks for the best restaurants in New Jersey that stand above from the other NJ Restaurants.


Romantic Restaurants

Our picks for the best Romantic restaurants in New Jersey.

New Jersey

NJ Cannabis

A NJ Cannabis industry report with a viewer forum to share their favorite NJ dispensary or favorite cannabis product story.

Best Kids 
Indoor Playgrounds

Kids Indoor Playgrounds

Your guide to NJ's best inddor attractions for fun and adventure.


Unusual Attractions

The Best Unusual Attractions in New Jersey are for people looking for that "Out Of The Ordinary" fun experience.

Best Entertainment

Entertainment Venues

Your guide to NJ's top venues for concerts, theatre, and sports.

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New Jersey Venues for Entertainment, Tourism,  Lodging, and Dining