La Fontana Ristorante
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La Fontana Ristorante
120 Albany St.
New Brunswick, NJ

La Fontana Ristorante 

A review of a fine dining, romantic, New Brunswick, New Jersey restaurant serving up Italian fare.


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Price Expensive
Fare Italian

Restaurant Rating

Food 3 Stars
Service 3 Stars
Decor 3 Stars
Overall Rating 3 Stars

Restaurant Review

This is the perfect setting for a romantic dining experience, a business dinner meeting, or for weddings and anniversaries.

Located opposite the New Brunswick train station, they specialize in excellent Old World Italian cuisine, representing all twenty regions of Italy, with a creative touch.

The decor is somewhat glitzy, but elegant, with gold-tinted mirrors on walls and ceiling, gilt brocade wallpaper, brass railings, chandeliers, velvet draperies, an attractive fountain, a magnificent carved bar, and large glass vats of grappa. Depending on your taste, the decor can be viewed as elegant or just too much!

Those seeking pampering can dine well at La Fontana.

The menu has a wide variety of well prepared contemporary Italian dishes to choose from.

Amongst the favorite entrees are; Pappardelle Con Pomodori Secchi with Pappardelle pasta sauteed with sun dried tomatoes in a light sauce; Scaloppine Mare Monte with Tender scaloppine of milk fed white veal topped with shrimp and Porcini mushrooms served in a cognac sauce; Schienale D'Angnello - Wood-grilled Colorado rack of Young lamb brushed with a finely herbed mustard crust, drizzled with a Barolo demi-glaze reduction; Filetto Aragosta - Tournedo of filet mignon accompanied with lobster tail presented in a lobster veloute; and Rustica - A selection of Mediterranean shellfish; lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, and scallops simmered in an aged cognac, champagne, cream, shallots, and butter served in a brick-oven Sourdough bread.

Save room for dessert and try the Opera - it's a French classic dessert made with coffee butter cream, chocolate ganache, coffee extract soaked almond cake and topped with chocolate couverture.

La Fontana and has teamed up with the George Street Playhouse to offer
Special Dinner and Theatre Package.

The service is professional, although they tend to over pamper at times.


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