Sirin Thai, Morristown, NJ:
A Restaurant Review

Sirin Thai, Morristown, NJ
Sirin Thai
3 Pine St.
Morristown, NJ 07960

Restaurant Highlights

Fare: Thai

Price: Expensive

Value: Good

Noise Level: Moderate

Dress: casual

Food Quality: 2 Stars

Service: 2 Stars

Decor: 2 Stars

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Note: Four star Rating System from 1/2 Star = Poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Well prepared, above average Thai cuisine

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy a BYOB Thai restaurant with well prepared cuisine and good service.

Not Recommended For: Budget conscious who enjoy traditional Thai cuisine in a less upscale setting.

Recommended dishes: When available, The Gang Ped Yang, boneless roasted duck cooked in red curry paste, coconut milk, zucchini, tomatoes, pineapples, and fresh basil leaves; The Chu-Chee, a choice of prawns or imported fillet of fish cooked in a delicious Chu-Chee curry, coconut milk, topped with fresh lime leaves and served with steamed zucchini; and The Pla Tow Jeow, imported fillet of fish topped with a tasty black bean sauce, ginger, and tropical fruit- Longans, served with grilled eggplants.

Liquor: BYOB

Restaurant Review

Sirin Thai restaurant, located around the corner from the Mayo Performing Arts Center, is a cozy, upscale, BYOB serving well prepared, Thai cuisine in a friendly, welcoming setting.

The restaurant has three small dining rooms with each one having a different look , are upscale, warm, relaxing, and attractive.

The soft dimly lit rooms with a cozy feeling are separated by walled windows, done up with richly colored wallpaper, and tables set with linens.

This is is a popular place for a pre-theatre dinner, or cozy romantic date.

Chef-Owner Noi Ocharoen along his wife Donna, who manages the dining area, once had a restaurant in Thailand that catered to the royal family.

The owners are very gracious, welcoming and accessible. Chef Ocharoen often makes visits to the tables to greet patrons with a welcoming, dry sense of humor.

Sirin is known for it's outstanding Duck dishes. For entrees, if available try their Duck daily special .

There are many options for vegetarians and dishes marked with a V can be made with tofu and vegetables instead of meat.

The service at Siring Thai is friendly and attentive.

Street parking can be a bit of a hassle on busy weekends or when there is an event at the Mayo Performing Arts Center. Try parking in one of the nearby parking garages.

Open seven days/week for dinner and open Monday - Friday for Lunch

(updated: November, 2016)

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