New Jersey Ski Areas

With Downhill skiing, cross country skiing,
snow boarding, and snow tubing

New Jersey Ski Areas

Visiting one of the New Jersey ski areas is a great way for a family to get outdoors and enjoy a healthy, exciting, and scenic adventure.

NJ ski areas offer a variety of winter sports activities including, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snow boarding, and snow tubing. These areas are primarily geared to families with kids and beginning to intermediate skiers.

Night skiing is very popular for those busy families who are looking to get in a few trips downhill before the day ends.

Most resorts recommend waiting until your child is at least four years old. Children younger than four years old are typically not physically or emotionally ready for the demands of skiing and boarding.

Haven't gone skiing before? All of the NJ ski areas offer rental equipment and lessons geared to beginning kids and families.

Most of the NJ ski areas and have excellent snow making equipment, and as long as the temperature stays cold, skiing can be enjoyed from December 1st to March 31st, with a popular ski area that is open year round in a temperature controlled environment

NJ Ski Areas for Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow tubing

Big Snow - American Dream

Big SNOW - American Dream
Located in New Jersey's American Dream indoor entertainment & shopping mall, this is USA's first indoor, year round ski area. Big SNOW is an ideal snow mountain for beginners and novices to learn and/or practice their ski or snowboard skills in an indoor, temperature-controlled, mountain with real snow.
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Campgaw Mountain Ski Area

Campgaw Mountain
A small mountain ideally suited for families with kids and beginners with an interest in skiing, tubing and snow boarding. The prices are reasonable with activities for kids of all ages.
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High Point XC Ski Center

High Point XC Ski Center
High Point  offers cross country skiing and snow shoeing. This is a great area for beginners and intermediates, and for experienced cross country skiers who enjoy a scenic setting. 
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Mountain Creek Ski Resort

Mountain Creek Ski Resort

The largest ski resort in New Jersey and offers downhill skiing, snow boarding and snow tubing.  This is a snow boarders paradise drawing a crowd from the NYC/NJ region. 
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