New Jersey Ski Areas

Northwest NJ is a winter wonderland for downhill skiing, cross country skiing,
snow boarding, and snow tubing.

New Jersey Ski Areas

New Jersey is not only known for its beautiful beaches and bustling cities, but it also offers a fantastic winter skiing experience for visitors. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner looking to hit the slopes, New Jersey ski areas have something for everyone.

When it comes to skiing in New Jersey, there are several popular destinations to choose from.

NJ ski areas offer a variety of winter sports activities including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. These areas are primarily geared to families with kids and beginning to intermediate skiers.

Night skiing is very popular for those busy families who are looking to go on a few trips downhill before the day ends.

Whether you prefer downhill skiing or cross-country skiing, there are plenty of resorts and centers to choose from. So grab your skis and get ready to hit the slopes in the Garden State!

Most resorts recommend waiting until your child is at least four years old. Children younger than four years old are typically not physically or emotionally ready for the demands of skiing and boarding.

Haven't gone skiing before? All of the NJ ski areas offer rental equipment and lessons geared to beginning kids and families.

Most of the NJ ski areas and have excellent snow making equipment, and as long as the temperature stays cold, skiing can be enjoyed from December 1st to March 31st, with a popular ski area that is open year round in a temperature controlled environment

Popular NJ Ski areas for Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding,
and Snow tubing

Big SNOW - At American Dream

Big Snow - American Dream

Located in New Jersey's  American Dream indoor entertainment & shopping mall, this is USA's first indoor, year round ski area. Big SNOW is an ideal snow mountain for beginners and novices to learn and/or practice their ski or snowboard skills in an indoor, temperature-controlled, mountain with real snow.

Big Snow boasts an impressive 4 acres of skiable terrain, making it the largest indoor ski resort in North America. With four different slopes of varying difficulty levels, there's something for everyone, from beginners to advanced skiers. The slopes are meticulously maintained and offer a realistic skiing experience, complete with real snow. If you're new to skiing, don't worry! Big Snow offers lessons for all ages and skill.
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Campgaw Mountain

Campgaw Mountain Ski Area

Campgaw Mountain Ski Area in New Jersey offers a fantastic winter getaway for outdoor enthusiasts, especially for families with kids interested in skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding. Campgaw Mountain is the closest ski area to New York City, located in Mahwah, Bergen County, 18 miles north of the George Washington Bridge.

Bergen County owns Campgaw and offers discount rates for residents. Campgaw Mountain is a small mountain, and when it comes to skiing, they offer a variety of slopes to choose from for beginners to intermediate skiers, though more advanced skiers will not find it challenging. They are known for their short-lift lines and uncrowded trails.
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High Point XC Ski Center

High Point XC Ski Center

Located in the beautiful northwest corner of New Jersey, the High Point Cross Country Ski Center offers a fantastic winter experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner looking to try something new, this ski center has something for everyone.

At an elevation of over 1600 feet, it guarantees that High Point is the snowiest spot in the NYC/New Jersey metropolitan area.

One of the main attractions of the High Point Cross Country Ski Center is its well-maintained trails. With over 20 kilometers of groomed trails, skiers can explore the stunning winter landscape at their own pace. The trails are suitable for all skill levels, from easy and flat terrain for beginners to more challenging routes for experienced skiers

The ski center also offers equipment rentals for those who don't have their own gear.
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Mountain Creek Ski Resort

Mountain Creek Ski Resort

Located in Northwest New Jersey, this is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. With its stunning mountain views and a wide range of activities, it offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner looking to try something new, this resort has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Mountain Creek Ski Resort is its extensive trail system. With over 50 trails on 167 ski-able acres, spanning four mountain peaks, there are plenty of terrains to explore. From gentle slopes for beginners to challenging runs for advanced skiers, you'll find a trail that suits your abilities.

The resort also offers a variety of terrain parks for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, complete with jumps, rails, and other features.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Mountain Creek offers a range of other winter activities. You can try your hand at snow tubing, where you can slide down the slopes on an inflatable tube. For a more relaxing experience, you can take a scenic snowshoeing or cross-country skiing tour through the resort's picturesque trails.
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