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Akai Lounge Restaurant
An Englewood, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review


Akai Lounge Restaurant
11 N. Dean St.
Englewood, NJ

Akai Japanese Sushi Restaurant 

A New Jersey restaurant review of an upscale, energetic Japanese Sushi restaurant popular with the twenty something crowd.


Our restaurant ratings and reviews have been established on the basis of a combination of many sources including, personal visits by the restaurant editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide, visitor reviews, and restaurant critics.

Price Expensive
Fare Japanese Sushi

Restaurant Rating

Food 3 Stars
Service 2 Stars
Decor 2 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

This upscale, Japanese Sushi restaurant and lounge is popular with the 20 plus crowd and sushi enthusiasts.

The atmosphere is energetic, trendy, modern, though the tables are spaced close together.

The menu offers well prepared, creative, traditional and modern Japanese cuisine with fresh seafood delivered daily from the markets in NYC.

They have over 30 Makimono - specialty rolls that are inventive and tasty.

The popular entrees are: the Beef Negimaki Scallions wrapped in thin slices of shell steak grilled with teriyaki sauce; the Akai Shrimp and Rice Seasoned pan-seared shrimp served with mixed chicken and vegetable fried rice; and the JC Steak Grilled shell steak sauteed with zesty garlic sauce with mixed mushrooms.

They also have a nice selection from the ala carte Sushi bar and Noodles and Rice Bowls.

Save room for desserts, they are sumptuous, especially their huge fried ice cream servings.

They also have entertainment on weekends.

Service is generally very good, though spotty during the peak times.

Metered parking is available.


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