Casa Vasca, Newark, NJ:
A Restaurant Review

Casa Vasca, Newark, NJ
Casa Vasca
141 Elm St.
Newark, NJ

Restaurant Highlights

Fare:  American/French influenced Basque, Spanish

Price:  Moderate

Food Quality:  2 Stars

Service:  2 Stars

Decor: 1 Star

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Note:  Four star Rating System from 1/2 Star = Poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Serves huge portions of well prepared Basque, Spanish food

Value:  Excellent

Noise Level:  Moderate

Dress:  Casual

Recommended For:  Budget conscious diners who enjoy well prepared Spanish food served in huge portions.

Not Recommended For:  Diners who prefer more traditional Spanish food in a trendy, upscale setting

Recommended dishes:  When available, Solomillo A La Parilla ( broiled filet mignon); The Lenguado Al Menie (dover sole in lemon and garlic sauce; and The Bacalao A La Flamenca (grilled salt cod with garlic)

Liquor:  Full Service Bar with a decent selection of wines at a reasonable price.

Restaurant Review

Casa Vasca is a longtime favorite Iron bound Spanish restaurant, popular with locals who come for it's well prepared and tasty Basque, Spanish food.

Situated away from the other Iron bound restaurants, it is one of the least touristy restaurants in Newark. The restaurant is in a safe neighborhood, 5 blocks away from the Prudential Center and a 12-to-15-minute walk from the PATH at Newark Penn Station.

Their decor is dated, and not very attractive. The dining area, is small with tables spaced comfortably apart.

The food is the resaon you come to Casa Vasca! The style of food served at Casa Vasca is American/French influenced Basque, Spanish.

The Basque region lies in the North of Spain near the Bay of Biscay and in South Western France.

The Basque style of food differs from other traditional Spanish dishes found in the U.S. in that it emphasizes the use fresh, home-grown ingredients and simple preparation. Salt-cod ( bacalao ) and beans are staple ingredients of Basque cooking and olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers are often used.

Casa Vasca serves up a menu of outstanding fresh fish, and depending on the early morning's market purchase, the evening's dishes are prepared and the selections are presented on a chalkboard. Be forewarned, the portions are huge!

The dinner starts off with a complimentary cup of soup accompanied by a basket of fresh baked crusty bread from a local bakery.

The staff is friendly and attentive.

Free parking is available in an attended lot on the side street behind the restaurant.

Despite having a reservation, expect to wait for a table on busy weekends.

(updated: November, 2016)

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