Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark, NJ:
A restaurant review

Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark, NJ

Fernandes Steakhouse
152-158 Fleming Ave.
Newark, NJ

Restaurant Highlights

Fare:  Portuguese - Steakhouse/BBQ Churrasco

Price: Expensive

Food Quality: 2 Stars

Service: 2 1/2 Stars

Decor: 3 Stars

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Note: Four star Rating System from 1/2 stars = poor to Four stars = Best in Class

One of the best Brazilian BBQ Churrasco - Rodizio steakhouses in in the Newark area.

Ambiance is attractive old world "Steakhouse"

Value: Good

Noise Level: Moderate - High

Dress: Casual

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy Brazilian BBQ Churrasco and Rodizio, served in huge quantities

Not Recommended For: Budget conscious diners who prefer more traditional Spanish-Portuguese dining

Recommended dishes: When available, Rodizio Barbecued Meat Combination Brazilian Style; The Churrasco à Fernandes, a BBQ meat combination; and The Costela de Vaca de Churrasco BBQ Short Ribs

Liquor: Full Service Bar with an extensive wine list .

Restaurant Review

Fernandes Steakhouse is popular with diners who come here for their Brazilian BBQ Churrasco and Rodizio food, one of the top places in the Newark area.

Located off the heart of Ironbound, there is on site secure, valet parking.

The entrance is through huge doors where you begin to feel like you are about to enter a castle. The huge vault in the foyer is a remnant of the bank that formerly occupied this site.

A walk upstairs takes you to dining area, attractively done up in an old world "Steakhouse Atmosphere." with faux stone walls., wood beamed and Spanish tiled-ceilings, and tables set with white linen.

The bar area is vibrant with large TV's and is especially busy when there is a soccer game on.

Fernandes Steakhouse specializes in well prepared Brazilian Churrasco and Rodizio. Their Churrasco BBQ uses includes beef & pork grilled over charcoal on a skewer above the embers, and a huge rodizio menu with over 15 meats.

Rodizio is a fixed price, all-you-can-eat menu item, containing meats grilled and served on a 3 foot spear, where waiters bring the varieties of meats to your table several times throughout the meal. Waiters walk around with large skewers of meat and you keep eating --- until you tell them no more

The portions are huge, however, they expect that you not share you selection and not take home a doggy bag. They quality of the meats are tender, and tasty, although a little on the salty side, and if you are one to enjoy huge quantities of food, the prices are reasonable.

The staff is friendly and attentive.

(updated: November, 2016)

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