Best Organic Restaurants in New Jersey

NJ Organic Restaurants

These popular organic restaurants in New Jersey feature organic food from local organic and sustainable agriculture farms with many embracing the "Slow Food" cooking process

Organic Labels and Descriptions

Antibiotic-free: Animals that have not been treated or raised with antibiotics during their lifetime in compliance with USDA standards

Wild seafood: Fish caught at sea, either by line or net.

Farm-raised: Seafood that has been raised in ponds. i.e., tilapia, shrimp, and ocean penned salmon.

Fresh:  An ingredient that never has been fully frozen

Free-range-free-grazing:  Animals that are free to roam outside cages or barns.

Grass-fed:  Animals with continuous access to pastures of grass or hay during the growing season.

Organic:   Animals raised free of antibiotics and artificial hormones and not be fed animal byproducts. Produce grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Certified by the USDA as organic.

No hormones added:  Animals not treated with synthetic growth hormones.

Natural:  A minimally processed product free of artificial ingredients or color.

"Slow-Food" Cooking Process:   While some of the organic restaurants listed offer non-organic selections on the menu, the restaurants selected have a focus on using food products that are natural and come from local organic growers and farms, and are committed to using minimally processed food.

Restaurants in New Jersey featuring Organic Products

Princeton, NJ

Agricola Restaurant

 It sets the pace as a trendy, industrial chic style restaurant serving healthy food using fresh farm to table local ingredients sourced from Certified organic farms.
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The Brothers Moon
Hopewell, NJ

Brothers Moon Restaurant

An unpretentious fine-dining restaurant. They  are strong supporters of sustainable farming and in using locally sourced farm to table ingredients  from Certified Organic farms.
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Healthy Garden Restaurant
Three NJ Locations

Healthy Garden Restaurant

With 3 NJ locations, they attract diners who come to enjoy vegan, vegetarian, meats, and gluten free dishes  using Certified Organic ingredients,
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Local Urban Kitchen
Point Pleasant, NJ

Local Urban Kitchen

A popular place for diners  who come for their organic menu that offers,  vegan, vegetarian and few meat items for carnivores.
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Park and Orchard
East Rutherford, NJ

Park and Orchard Restaurant

Diners come to this outstanding restaurant for  the well prepared natural organic food, and for the extensive wine list.
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Vincentown Diner
Vincentown, NJ

Vincentown Diner

Not your typical diner. They serve up a quality menu with ingredients that emphasizes local and organic products. 
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