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Wild Ginger
An Englewood, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review


Wild Ginger Restaurant
6 E. Palisade Ave.
Englewood, NJ

Wild Ginger Japanese Restaurant Englewood 

A New Jersey restaurant review of a destination Japanese/Asian restaurant offering well prepared, non-traditional dishes.


Our restaurant ratings and reviews have been established on the basis of a combination of many sources including, personal visits by the restaurant editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide, visitor reviews, and restaurant critics.

Price Very Expensive
Fare Asian Japanese Sushi

Restaurant Rating

Food 3.5 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 1.5 Stars
Overall Rating 3.0 Stars

Restaurant Review

If you are a Sushi or Asian food enthusiast with a fascination for creative, very well prepared dishes ---- than this is the restaurant for you.

Don't let the location and setting dissuade you. This BYOB, very small, Japanese, restaurant is located on the main street in Englewood, near the railroad tracks, in a nondescript, storefront setting that in no way connects with the high quality food you are about to experience. The atmosphere is cozy, artsy, and tends to be cramped, with closely spaced, leopard styled chairs and tables.

Having said that, the reason you come here is for the food. They serve up a very different sushi menu with many additional creative, untraditional, Asian dishes that are not apt to be found at other sushi eateries.

The exciting experience begins with a friendly greeting by Mr. Hamde, the Lebanese owner, who will seat you and with a few questions about your likes and dislikes, he'll make some suggestions.

If you are adventuresome, sit back and attempt a try at the suggested dishes, although be forewarned and ask for the price of the specials, they can be extremely pricey. They offer the Hassun meal,an eight-course presentation that is awesome, but pricey, and is a specialty of Chef Suzuki

Their seafood dishes are the featured offerings and the main reason you go to Wild Ginger.

If you are not inclined to go with the specials, for starters, try the White Tuna Sashimi Salad thinly sliced white tuna served with ponzo and daikon; or the Lobster Miso Mousse and Squid; or the Lobster Salad with fresh mango and creamy karashi miso dressing.

For dinner entrees, try the Tuna Toro Steak sauteed with sherry wine, garlic and soy sauce, garnished with fugi apple and kabocha squas;

Save room for the desserts, they are awesome; Try the chocolate and spicy mango sundaes, a dessert of mangoes, ginger, 11 kinds of nuts and sorbet, all mixed up together with hot chili flakes; or the Sundae of lychee sorbet with coconut ice cream, pineapple vanilla sauce, and mango with an aromatic and exotic-tasting lemon grass mint syrup.

They don't take reservations and the dining area is small, and it's worth the wait if you are adventuresome and seek that unusual Asian dinning experience.


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