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Tuckers Eating & Drinking Establishment

A Long Beach Island, NJ Restaurant Review



Tuckers Eating & Drinking Establishment
101 West Ave.
Beach Haven, NJ 08008

Tuckers Eating Establishment, LBI New Jersey



Restaurant Rating Legend
Fine Dining

No Stars Below average
One star Average
Two stars Above Average
Three stars Excellent
Four stars Best in Class

Casual Dining

N/A= A casual dining eatery, not rated as a fine dining restaurant 

Tuckers Eating & Drinking Establishment

Price Moderate
Fare American Traditional - Seafood

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating: N/A
 Not in the category of a fine dining restaurant

thumbs up Waterfront view.

thumbs up Open Year Round.

thumbs up Good place to meet for drinks and comfort foods.

thumbs downCan be a long wait for a table during busy summer months

Value: Very Good
Noise Level: High
Dress: Casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy casual dining with a full service bar in a lively setting.
Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer dining in a more formal setting with more eclectic menu items.
Recommended dishes: White Owl Burger; The Captain Crunch Coated Chicken Finger Appetizer; and The Broken Cheesecake.
Liquor: Good selection of reasonably priced wines and specialty cocktails. Bar scene is vibrant.

Restaurant Review

This is an ideal place to take in the summer outdoor atmosphere, especially if you enjoy eating out on the deck with a nice waterfront view.

This this one of the most popular places on LBI and on busy summer evenings you can expect a long wait.

They one of the few restaurants open all year.

It has a nautical, neighborhood bar feeling, with above average decor and above average food for a casual dining restaurant in a beach location. In the winter, the fireplace adds to the ambiance and mood.

The menu has the usual Jersey Shore items with a large variety of salads, seafood, meats, and pastas.

Save room for dessert, the Broken Cheesecake is sumptuous.

They are family and kid friendly with a children's menu.

Service can be spotty and rushed during the busy summer months.

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