SeaBlue Restaurant


SeaBlue Restaurant
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
1 Borgata Way
Atlantic City, NJ

SeaBlue Restaurant Atlantic City 


Price Very Expensive
Fare Seafood

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating  

thumbs up Most diners report the sea food is excellent

thumbs up Most diners report the decor and ambiance are excellent

thumbs down Some diners report the service is a bit pretentious

thumbs down Some diners report the menu items are "pricey"

Value: Given the quality, though prices are high, the value is good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Upscale casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy excellent food and upscale, trendy ambiance
Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer simpler food, lower prices and less trendy ambiance
Recommended dishes: Wild King Salmon Alaska from the wood burning grill served with chickpea and lentil rice, broccoli rapini, and royal trumpet mushrooms; or the Seablue Paella with seasonal shellfish, chorizo sausage , grilled quail and rabbit from the Tagines selections prepared in Moroccan clay pots. For dessert, try the Sourdough Bread Pudding with courvoisier sauce and walnut ice cream
Liquor: Extensive wine list, specialty cocktails.

Restaurant Review

Michael Mina, the famed chef from San Francisco, has hit a home run with his new restaurant at the Borgata that has quickly become the best seafood restaurant in New Jersey.

They offer very fresh, well prepared, and creative wood grilled seafood from around the world.

The decor is upscale with a dining room that is attractively done up in soft red and orange tones, with a stunning blue Italian marble bar that warrants stepping up to for a pre-dinner cocktail before settling in for an unforgettable seafood dining experience.

This is an ideal dining spot to celebrate a romantic evening or special occasion, if you have a budget for the high prices. If prices are a concern, check out the menu with prices listed before entering.

The large menu at SeaBlue restaurant offers a variety of exciting dishes beginning with the seafood appetizers that are grouped by the preparation method; fried, steamed, marinated,and raw; the dinner entrees that are grouped by selections from the wood burning grill, tagines cooked in Moroccan clay pots, and selections prepared on skewers.

The service is professional, well trained, and attentive.

Seablue restaurant has its own wine expert that is happy to offer wine advise.

Not recommended for kids.

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Fine Dining
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No Stars Below average
One star Average
Two stars Above Average
Three stars Excellent
Four stars Best in Class
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