Rude Hawgs Pit BBQ


Rude Hawgs Pit BBQ
363 West Browning Road
Bellmawr, NJ

Rude Hawgs BBQ Pit Bellmawr, NJ 


Price Moderate
Fare Barbecue

Restaurant Rating

Overall Rating N/A
N/A - Classified as an eatery and not rated as a fine dining restaurant

Restaurant Review

This very good BBQ eatery serves up a large variety of Kansas City BBQ and Nah Lins style food at a reasonable price.

The feeling is rural with wood tables and booths that look like the porch on a log cabin.

Some of the recommend servings are the pulled pork sandwich with green beans bacon side with carrots,and split the wet willy bread bowl chili; the 1/2 Rack Kansas City Spare Ribs N Yard bird Platters Served with 2 Sides, Sarge's Sweet Cornbread; or Hawgzilla Sampling of the Piggin Out Combo Platters served with 2 Sides, Sarge's Sweet Cornbread; or the Nah Lins Style Po Boys Platters served on a Toasted Long Roll with 2 Sides and a Pickle Spear.

For families that prefer not to cook and have some take out they offer excellent Rude Hawg's Pig Up n Go Paks that can be prepared for 4 to 10 people.

The are family and kid friendly and have a good Lil Buckaroos menu.

The service is very friendly and attentive.

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