Red Restaurant

A Red Bank, NJ Rating and Review


Red Restaurant
3 Broad Street
Red Bank, NJ
(732) 741-3232

Red Restaurant 


Price Expensive
Fare New American - Sushi

Restaurant Rating

Food 2.0 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 2.5 Stars
Overall Rating 2.0 Stars

thumbs up Many diners report they enjoyed the overall "New York" feel to their dining experience

thumbs up Many diners report the service is attentive and professional

thumbs downMany diners report the menu items are pricey

Value: Given the quality, though prices are high, the value is good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Upscale casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy good food with upscale, trendy ambiance
Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer simpler food, lower prices and less trendy ambiance
Recommended dishes: Filet Mignon; Crab & Shrimp Angel Hair; Chili Spiced Tuna
Liquor: Good wine list, specialty cocktails. Bar scene is vibrant.

Restaurant Review

Red's is an upscale, trendy Red Bank restaurant that is very popular with the under 40 crowd.

Red, owned by Daniel Lynch and Matthew Wagman, is where you come to enjoy a New York club scene on the Jersey Shore. The prices though, also resemble a New York eatery.

Executive Chef Eric Manuelli brings new American cuisine along with a Sushi menu to this fresh, upscale establishment; it offers a casual dining experience in a sophisticated atmosphere.

The upstairs lounge is a good place to stop for a drink or meet up with friends, though it's usually crowded on weekends.

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