Opa Bar Grille
A Restaurant Rating and Review



Opa Bar Grille
1743 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ

Opra Bar Grille 

A review of a fine dining Atlantic City, New Jersey restaurant offering a Greek Taverna with a California atmosphere, Greek fare, and a lively bar scene.


The restaurant ratings and reviews have been established on the basis of personal visits by the restaurant editor of New Jersey Leisure Guide and/or other reliable sources who have made a visit to the restaurant and/or feed back from our viewers.

Price Moderate
Fare Greek

Restaurant Rating

Food 2 Stars
Service 2 Stars
Decor 2 Stars
Overall Rating 2 Stars


Restaurant Review

This restaurant with access from the Boardwalk, serves outstanding Greek food. The sunny, double-floored restaurant in front of the Claridge Casino, is a smooth setting of brick and wavy ceiling baffles, high-tech lights, and plasma TVs.

It has the breezy casual feel of an updated Greek taverna with a California touch, a lively bar scene, bustling open kitchen, and first-rate moderately priced American bistro fare with Mediterranean dishes.

In the warmer months, it has outside seating with great ocean views.

This is a very good alternative to the pricey Atlantic City high roller dining establishments.

The food is well prepared with fresh ingredients.

The dinner entree favorites are; Crab Cakes Santorini; Blackened Red Snapper; and Piediekia, Baby Lamb Chops.

The service is friendly and attentive.


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