Oasis Restaurant
A Freehold, NJ Review



Oasis Restaurant
335 West Main St.
Freehold, NJ 07728
(732) 409-6660

Rasis Restaurant Freehold NJ


Price In expensive-Moderate
Fare Middle Eastern

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Overall Rating N/A
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Restaurant Review


Tucked away in a small strip mall across from Wal-Mart, this restaurant serves outstanding Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes prepared in home cooked fashion from family recipes.

Chef/Owner John who is half Syrian/half Italian, and his mom who is Italian and waits on tables, migrated from Brooklyn via Staten Island to Jersey, are a welcomed delight as they greet you and serve you with old world friendliness and warmth

In addition to the many Middle Eastern dishes of salads, soup, meat sandwiches & platters, stews and seafood, they offer a nice selection of healthy vegetarian platters. All frying is done with non-hydrogenated oils.

When available, for starters, try the Falafel (5 balls) or the Yogurt Cucumber Salad with mint and garlic.

When available, for a dinner entree, try the Baked Kibbeh with ground, bulgur wheat, onion & pine nuts served with salad & rice; or the Kafta Kabob, char broiled ground lamb with onions, parsley & spices served with salad & rice

For vegetarians, try the Babaganouj & Tabouli roasted eggplant), or the Spinach Pie with salad & hummus

All platters are served with pita bread and choice of sauce.

Save room for dessert, the Baklava is sumptuous.

The Oasis Restaurant also has a catering menu for special occasions.

Orders for lunch pickup happily accepted via phone or fax.

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