Luke Palladino

A Northfield, NJ Restaurant Rating and Review

Luke Palladino
Plaza 9 Shopping Center
1333 New road
Northfield, NJ
Luke Palladino Restaurant - Northfield, NJ




Price Very Expensive
Fare Seasonal Italian

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating  

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Many diners report the Italian food preparations are the best on the South Jersey Shore

thumbs up Many diners report they enjoyed the seasonal menu with farm fresh and organic food products.

thumbs down Some diners report the the menu selections are very expensive

thumbs downSmall dining room with tables spaced close together and bathroom access through the kitchen.

Value: Given the quality, though prices are high, the value is good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy excellent Italian food with creative seasonal preparations using farm fresh local ingredients.
Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer simpler food and lower prices.
Recommended dishes: For an appetizer, Breadsticks Brushed with White Truffle Butter, Grated Parmigiano and Wrapped in Prosciutto. For entrees; the Roasted Branzino prepared acqua pazza (crazy water) style; Roman Style Veal Saltimbuca with Veal Sirloin Scaloppine Pounded with Prosciutto & Sage; and Bucatini Pork Ragu with Calabrese Chilies & Pecorino Cheese.
Liquor: BYOB


One of South Jersey's best restaurants, Luke Palladino's is the creation of famed chef Luke Palladino who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and honed his skills under many accomplished chefs in Italy in the regions of Friuli, Piemonte, Puglia, Rome, Sicily and Tuscany before settling in on the restaurant scene in the United states.

IN 1997 and 1998, Palladino was executive chef and partner at Venice's famed Ristorante al Covo. In the United States, Palladino has worked with noted chefs, including Paul Bertolli,Emeril Lagasse and Todd English.

In 2003, he opened three restaurants in Atlantic City including the Specchio, Ombra and Risi Bisi in the Borgata Hotel. In 2006, he partnered with the Isle of Capri to open Bragozzo in Biloxi, Mississippi and in 2007, opened Bragozzo in Pompano Beach, Florida.

After closing the AC restaurants he left cooking and became a consultant, but the extensive travel and multiple partners left him unfulfilled, and in 2010 opened this small 30 seat BYOB in Northfield.

This restaurant is a far cry from the glitz and expansiveness of Atlantic City being situated in a shopping plaza with a curtained storefront exterior. The interior decor is understated and cramped in a white and unvarnished wood space and walls adorned with a mirror and framed photos of Venice that Palladino took while cooking at the city's famed Al Covo. The dining room and kitchen are virtually one separated by a curtain that remains open to provide a sense of oneness with the diners and the chef.

Luke Palladino serves up a well prepared seasonally changing menu using local, organic and sustainable ingredients. Their pastas are made daily on the premises using organic eggs, or semolina sea salt and water.

True to his love of food, Luke Palladino sells fresh baked breads, handcrafted pastas, pastries, cheeses and salami along with cookware, olive oils, vinegars, and condiments.

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