Latitudes Restaurant
A Cape May NJ Rating and Review



Latitudes Restaurant
1246 South Rt 109
Cape May, NJ




Price Moderate-Expensive
Fare Seafood

Restaurant Ratings

Food 1.5 Stars
Service 1.0 Stars
Decor 2.0 Stars
Overall Rating 1.5 Stars
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Restaurant Review

This new Cape May BYOB restaurant opened in the summer of 2009 under the direction of owner Bryan Brodowski in the location formerly occupied by the Copper Fish Restaurant.

The classification of this restaurant barely makes the grade of being classified as a fine dining restaurant.

Though it's still too early to have a complete and meaningful review, early reports indicate that they still are experiencing start up problems and the menu, other than it being less expensive than other similar Cape May restaurants, has failed to distinguish itself in the quality of food and service.

The decor has a few changes over the previous restaurant with the addition of some enhancements most notably with walls painted in colorful shades of purple and orange, and light fixtures suspended over tables that offer a nautical theme of deep sea creatures.

The tables are covered with thin paper and napkins, with seating in uncomfortable chairs that remain from the previous restaurant.

The wait staff is very casually dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

While the sea food is fresh, the preparation is average and not creative.

The recommended servings are the Tuna Pizzatta, Shrimp and crab spring rolls, and the Chocolate cupcakes.

There is limited on-site parking.

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