La Campagne Restaurant


A Cherry Hill, NJ Rating and Review

La Campagne
312 Kresson Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ

La Campagne Restaurant 




Price Expensive
Fare Continental with French/Italian influences

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating  

thumbs up Many diners report this is the best French influenced cuisine between Philadelphia and Atlantic City

thumbs down A few diners report the food quality doesn't match the high prices

Value: Given the quality, though prices are high, the value is good
Noise Level: Moderate
Dress: Upscale casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy excellent food and elegant ambiance.
Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer simpler food, lower prices, and less elegant ambiance
Recommended dishes: Coquilles Saint-Jacques with sea scallops, a Pernot cream sauce, puff pastry shells, whipped potato and haricot verte; Filet Mignon Perigourdine with black truffle madeira wine demi glace, savory roquefort cheese bread pudding and seasonal vegetables; and The Rack of Lamb with whipped potato, stewed dates green lentils, rosemary demi glace and chefs vegetables.
Liquor: BYOB

Restaurant Review


La Campagne is an upscale BYOB restaurant with a Continental - French and Italian influenced menu is an ideal place to celebrate a special occasion or an intimate, romantic dining experience.

Owner and Executive Chef Richard Benussi is a master at serving up outstanding food and managing a well trained professional staff that has this restaurant rated as one of Cherry Hill's top restaurants.

Located in a 19th Century four-story American farmhouse, the interior is attractive with polished hardwood floors, four working fireplaces, and tables set with soft candlelight and vases of fresh flowers, to provide a warm, cozy decor for a memorable dining experience.

The Continental cuisine with French/Italian influences menu is creative and well prepared with fresh ingredients. They are committed to using fresh local farm ingredients whenever possible.

If you can't decide on an entree from the large menu filled with plenty of variety, try the chef's tasting menu with an appetizer, smaller portions of any two entrees, and a dessert.

As one would expect from a restaurant in this class, the service is professional and attentive.

La Campagne is open on Thanksgiving Day and offers a special five course Prixe Fixe dinner.

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