Edison Restaurants with Ratings and Reviews

Our listing of Edison restaurants comes with ratings and reviews determined by visits by our staff and dining patron feedback.

Edison, NJ was named after inventor Thomas Edison and is the home of the Art Deco Edison Memorial Tower and the Thomas Alva Edison museum located within Edison State Park at 37 Christie Street.

Edison is also the home Menlo Park Mall, Middlesex County College, The JFK Medical Center, The New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, and has become a major automobile transportation hub where interstates to New York, Philadelphia, Trenton and Boston join together. Edison is also a location for many relatively inexpensive ethnic restaurants.

While we specialize in reviewing fine dining New Jersey restaurants, we often list other restaurants that offer good family and kids dining or unusual atmosphere or food.

Here we have provided several of the more popular restaurants with reviews; Harold's Deli, Le Peep, and Loucas  


Edison Restaurants With Reviews






Harold's Deli Inexpensive Deli N/A details
Le Peep Inexpensive Breakfast-Lunch N/A details
Loucas Moderate - Expensive Italian 2.5 Stars details

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Fine Dining
Restaurant Rating Legend

No Stars Below average
One star Average
Two stars Above Average
Three stars Excellent
Four stars Best in Class
N/A= A casual dining eatery, not rated as a fine dining restaurant 

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