La Scala Restaurant

This restaurant has closed

La Scala Restaurant

117 North Gaston Ave. (Rt. 28)
Somerville, NJ

La Scala Restaurant Somerville NJ 


Price Moderate
Fare Northern Italian

Restaurant Rating

Food 2.5 Stars
Service 2.5 Stars
Decor 2.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review

This is a good choice for diners looking for a romantic setting with good Italian food at a very affordable price.

The restaurant is BYOB and has dining rooms on two floors offering diners a choice of dining in a formal elegant room or in a casual atmosphere. While there are mixed reviews on the decor, the decor is like an old fashioned Italian parlor, adorned by lace curtains, fresh orchids, rose colored tablecloths, and subdued lighting.

Chef-owner Omar Aly oversees a kitchen that puts out well prepared, creative dishes while his wife Dawn works the dining areas. The menu offers a large variety of choices, including some exotic game dishes like buffalo and osterich.

Specials are introduced daily.

The recommended starters are; Homemade Crab Cake served over sauteed spinach topped with basil aioli; and the La Scala Salad with Organic baby greens with caramelized pecans and fresh pears in a raspberry vinaigrette.

The recommended entrees are; The Linguini Fruit of the Sea with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, and calamari in a light marinara sauce; and the Baby Lamb Chops Tuscana crusted with parmesan, sauteed with roasted garlic, rosemary, and madeira wine over broccoli rabe.

The dessert menu offers a good variety of well prepared and tasty choices.

The service is very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.

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