Zen Palate Restaurant


Zen Palate Restaurant
Princeton Shopping Ctr.
301 N. Harrison St
Princeton, NJ


Zen Palate restaurant NJ 


Price Moderate
Fare Vegetarian

Restaurant Rating

Food 3.0 Stars
Service 2.0 Stars
Decor 2.0 Stars
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars

Restaurant Review



One of four restaurants in the region, they serve up well prepared, healthy, vegetarian foods with international flavors from India, Mexico, Malaysia, and Italy, at a reasonable price.

The decor is plain, contemporary, in a cafeteria style setting. The menu is labeled to assist vegan's and non- vegetarians in choosing their order. The menu labels identifies dishes that contain dairy, casein, whey protein, and eggs.

They serve up a full variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, rice and noodles, and full dinner entrees.

The popular entrees are:
Celestial Tofu with battered soft bean curd, sun-dried tomato, tender seitan and broccoli-rabe and jalapeno in a light tomato-sage sauce; the Tapestry Embrace with grilled marinated seitan filet and fresh shiitake mushroom in a sweet teriyaki sauce, fresh zucchini and yellow squash with a banana-leaf cone of asian sticky rice; and the Taste of Curry with squash, cauliflower, okra, water chestnuts new potato and delicate tofu puffs in a spicy malaysian curry sauce on wheat basket.

Save room for dessert. Try the Banana Bliss with fresh sliced bananas, banana custard and non-dairy whipped cream in a graham-cracker crust; or the Key Lime High, their vegan version of the classic Key West dessert.

Reservations are taken only for parties of eight or more.

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