Niko's Trapezi Greek Taverna, Long Branch, NJ:
A Restaurant Review

Niko's Trapezi Greek Taverna, Long Branch, NJ
Nikos Trapezi Greek Taverna
444 Ocean Blvd
N Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 222-4600

Fare: Greek

Price: Moderate

Food Quality: 2 Stars

Service: 2 Stars

Decor: 1 1/2 Stars

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Serves authentic Greek food with whole grilled fish specialties.

Value: Excellent

Noise Level: Moderate

Dress: Casual

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy Greek preparations of whole grilled fish and lamb.

Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer an upscale setting with fine dining amenities.

Recommended dishes: When available, The Branzino Whole Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass; The Grilled Octopus; and The Mousaka.

Liquor: BYOB

Restaurant Review

Niko's Trapezi, is popular with diners who crave the authenic tastes of Greek food, in a low key setting.

Situated in a strip mall, Niko's is operated by co-owners Niko Katsilianos and his brother-in-law, Jay Keating. Niko oversees the kitchen and the menu as the Executive Chef with Jay and his wife Georgia running the dining area.

While Niko's serves the traditional Greek fish, lamb, or beef dishes, including gyros and Greek salads, they have built a reputation with their grilled whole fish specials that are known for their juicy, smoky, wood taste.

However, many of the menu items are prepared using packaged and reheated ingredients.

For Greek food novices, the menu is easy to understand and explains the ingredients each dish contains.

Niko's is a friendly lively place with many groups of friends and family celebrating dinner in "Greek Fest" style.

Niko's Trapezi is a 60 seat, white linen table restaurant 60 with attractive clean crisp blue and white walls adorned with molding trim and tasteful faux paintings. There is an open kitchen for diners to view the preparation of meals. However, it is disconcerting to see microwaves in full view used to prepare or reheat food.

For dinners that forget to bring in a bottle of wine, there is a liquor store in the same strip mall with a good selection of reasonably priced wines and beers

Niko's Trapezi is open for Lunch and Dinner from 11:30 to 9:00 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

Parking is available adjacent to the restaurant.

Reservations accepted only for six or more and on high-traffic holidays.

(updated January, 2017)

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