De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies, Robbinsville, NJ; A restaurant Review

De lorenzo's Tomato Pies
De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies
2350 US Highway 33
Robbinsville, New Jersey

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies: Restaurant Summary

Fare: Pizza (tomato pie)

Price: Inexpensive

Food Quality: Exceptional. One of the best Pizza/Tomato Pie restaurants in New Jersey, Serves a thin crusted, tasty, smoky flavor Tomato pie using high quality, fresh and flavorful ingredients .

Service: Knowledgeable, friendly, attentive.

Ambiance: Open, airy, modern, brightly lit.

Note: Four star Rating System from 1/2 stars = poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Noise Level: Moderate

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy tasty, thin crusted Neapolitan Pizza with quality ingredients.

Not Recommended For:
Diners who prefer more American style pizza smothered with loads of toppings.

Recommended dishes:
For the real De Lorenzo experience, order a salad as a appetizer made with high quality ingredients, followed by their Tomato Pies with a topping of you choice. Suggest just one topping so as not to smother the taste of the crust and quality ingredients.


Restaurant Review

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies is a historic central Jersey tradition for pizza (tomato pies) ever since 1947 when the De Lorenzo family opened their restaurant in the Chambersburg section of Trenton.

Now located In Robbinsville, a  modern, condo/apartment suburban community populated with millenials ---where many commute to NYC on the nearby Amtrak line in Hamilton.

This family run restaurant has been handed down through generations with Sam Amico, from the third generation, now running the transplanted De Lorenzo's Robbinsville restaurant since the closing of the original Trenton location in 2012.

The restaurant serves up a limited menu of pizza's, salads, and antipasti.

De Lorenzo's is an institution and is one of the best places in Central New Jersey for pizza and is as close to it comes to authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Note: The "best pizza" is more about quality and authenticity ---- less about taste, though taste remains to be a key subjective factor.

If you think that your favorite pizza and "the pizza joints" that make the pizza is the best ---- then of course in your mind---- it's the best.

Pizzas are have been called "Tomato Pies“ in western central New Jersey for many years and continues on by the De Lorenzo/Amico family at the Robbinsville location.

The tomato pie is prepared differently than traditional pizza. The cheese and toppings go on the dough first, then are crowned with chunks of plum tomatoes/sauce. Placing the sauce on top enhances the taste experience, bringing out tomato's sweetness, moisture, and flavor.

The recipe for their pizza was developed by Amico's grandfather and has since been passed down through generations.

They serve up thin crusted pizza with a very tasty smoky flavor and uses fresh and flavorful ingredients with crushed tomatoes.

De Lorenzo's has the perfectly created crust --- crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, forming the ideal foundation for the toppings. To fully appreciate the taste of the crust, don't add to many toppings or the flavorful taste of the crust will be drowned out.

To preserve the taste of quality, fresh ingredients, De Lorenzo's does not serve grated cheese with their pies ---- High quality, tasty ingredients need not be overwhelmed with grated cheese.

Contrary to the using the best ovens (coal-fired or wood burning brick oven) for cooking pizza, De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies are cooked in a gas fired oven ever since the mid 50's when their grandfather, who originally used coal fired ovens, switched to the more convenient gas ovens with a stone backing.

The quality of the pizza lies in the exact timing and temperature that dictates the pizza’s outcome, and the best pizza places have mastered that art.

While gas fired ovens are not often found in the top pizza places, the De Lorenzo family has developed the skill to achieve exact timing and temperature to produce a high quality crust and tastiness.

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies is open six days/week for Lunch: Tuesday .- Friday, 11-2pm and for Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday, 4-10pm . Closed Mondays

Be forewarned, get there early on Friday & Saturday evenings. They fill up fast and waiting lines can be long

(updated: November, 2019)

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