Conte's Bar and Restaurant,  Princeton, NJ
A Dining Review

Conte's Bar and Restaurant
339 Witherspoon St
Princeton, NJ 08542-3470
609- 921-8041

Restaurant Highlights

Fare: Pizza/Tavern

Price: In-expensive - Moderate

Value: Excellent

Noise Level: Moderate

Dress: Very casual

Excellent pizza, one of the best pizza's in Central NJ

Service inconsistent and slow during busy periods

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy good pizza and meeting up with friends for drinks, or for a family dinner

Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer upscale, trendy ambiance with more complex or eclectic food preparations.

Recommended dishes: When available,Thin Crusted Pizzas; Penne w/ meatball or sausage; Steak Sandwich.

Liquor: Good selection of reasonably beers and wines. Bar scene is vibrant.

Restaurant Review

Conte's serves some of the best pizza in central Jersey.

Conte's is a Princeton institution with a lively ambiance, a dated tavern decor, and patrons from all walks of life. On any night you are apt to find a mixed crowd of professors, students, bowlers, little leaguers, and families with kids.

The interior is very large with an enormous bar, and it tends to fill up fast. If you come after 7 pm, you are likely to wait for a table, just pull up to the bar and enjoy a beer.

They serve up thin crusted pizza that is bread-like and tasty. It's crispy, slightly charred, and chewy. The toppings use fresh ingredients of good quality.

They also offer gluten free pizza and pasta.

While they have a menu with other dishes of Italian food, the pizza is what you come for.

Most people enter Contes from the back door where you can park on the premises or on the safe side street.

(updated: January, 2016)

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