Neptune Restaurants  With Dining Reviews

Neptune Restaurants

 Neptune, encompassing Neptune City and Neptune Township, is known as the “Crossroads of the Jersey Shore”.  This community in recent years has experienced an increase in tourism and restaurants due its close proximity to the charming village of Ocean Grove, and the surge in popularity of Asbury Park with it's legendary concert venues, rock clubs, beachfront activity,  and restaurants.

Neptune is also the birthplace of famous actors Jack Nicholson and Danny Devito, and astronaut Rusty Schweickart

Popular Neptune Restaurants With Dining Reviews

The Grand Tavern

The Grand Tavern

Popular with diners who enjoy high end tavern food and a vibrant bar scene in a contemporary trendy setting.
Restaurant Review

Local Smoke BBQ

Local Smoke BBQ

Popular with diners who enjoy excellent BBQ food in a rustic, bare bones, down home setting.
Restaurant Review

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