Lacampagna, Morristown, NJ:
A Restaurant Review

Lacampagna, Morristown, NJ
Lacampagna Ristorante
5 Elm St
Morristown, NJ

Restaurant Highlights

Fare:  Traditional Italian

Price:  Expensive

Food Quality: 2 1/2 Stars

Service: 2 Stars

Decor: 2 Stars

Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Note: Four star Rating System from 1/2 Star = poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Uses quality ingredients and imported Italian products including extra virgin olive oil, aged Parmesan cheese, pastas and buffalo milk mozzarella.

On busy weekend evenings the noise level can get loud, especially if seated near a large group.

Noise Level: Moderate - High

Dress: casual

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy BYOB, Old World style traditional Italian dining.

Not Recommended For: Younger diners who enjoy contemporary Italian dining in a trendy setting, while being served a cocktail or a craft beer.,

Recommended dishes: When available, The Rack of Lamb, grilled with a Bread & Herb Dijon Crust over Spinach, Potato Puree, and Porcini Dijon Sauce: The Risotto    with Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Parmigiano and Grilled Shrimp; and The Ravioli Caprese    stuffed with Puree of Pumpkin, a Slice of Sun Dried Tomato, and a Dab of Goat Cheese In a Sherry Wine Sauce with Prosciutto and Diced Vegetables.

Liquor: BYOB

Restaurant Review

Lacampagna Ristorante is a longtime BYOB Morristown Italian restaurant and a favorite with many loyal locals who return to enjoy traditional Italian food.

This family run restaurant is owned and operated by Brothers Benito and Sal Capello, both who have acquired their restaurant and culinary skills from their father, John Capello, owner of the more upscale and "Old World" La Catena in Bridgewater.

The Capello brothers oversee a kitchen that uses quality ingredients and many imported Italian products including extra virgin olive oil, aged Parmesan cheese, pastas and buffalo milk mozzarella.

The interior is attractive, although dated, with dimmed lighting , two exposed brick walls, wood chair rails, and walls adorned with a large painting and artwork of scenes of Italy. The tables are set with white linen and china ware. The flooring is carpeted.

Soft background music from deceased Italian singers is provided to enhance the Italian ambiance.

While there is nothing remarkable about the dishes or desserts served, the food is consistently good with generous portions at a reasonable price. The meal begins and ends on a positive note with a serving of warm, crusted bread, and ending on a nice touch with a serving of some complimentary biscotti.

The service is friendly and attentive.

Although they are kid friendly, there is no children's menu.

During the warmer months there is outdoor dining.

(updated: November, 2016)

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