Waves Restaurant, Wildwood, NJ: A Dining Review

Waves Restaurant
3401 New Jersey Ave
Corner of Oak and New Jersey Ave
Wildwood, NJ
(609) 600-2499

Restaurant Highlights

Fare: Breakfast - Lunch

Price: Moderate

Value: Excellent

Noise Level: Moderate

One of Wildwood's top restaurants for breakfast & brunch

Recommended For: Diners looking for a homemade touch with their breakfast not often found at other traditional Wildwood breakfast spots

Not Recommended For: Diners looking for an upscale setting with an eclectic menu

Recommended dishes: When available, For breakfast The Banella French Toast with sliced banana, topped with Nutshell; The Homemade Apple Pancakes; and The Eggs Benedict'

Restaurant Review

Waves Restaurant is one of the top Wildwood breakfast & brunch spots, popular with summer visitors who enjoy a homemade touch to their food and service, not often found at the other old time, traditional Wildwood breakfast spots.

This is a family run restaurant owned and managed by Chef Chris Falcone who has a team of relatives working with him. Chef Falcone puts out a menu of fresh homemade, dishes using family recipes that have been handed down from generations with a sampling of new creations.

Waves Restaurant pays attention to the little added amenities such as warm syrup and whipped butter for pancakes, using thick Texas toast for sandwiches.

The service is exceptionally warm & friendly.

Waves Restaurant has seasonal hours from April through Thanksgiving, and is open daily during the peak summer season for breakfast & lunch from 7AM - 6PM, and Saturday until 1 pm.

(updated May 2017)

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