Toscanos Ristorante - A Bordentown, NJ Restaurant Review

Toscanos Ristorante
136 Farnsworth Ave.
Bordentown, NJ
(609) 291-0291

Toscano's Ristorante, Bordentown, NJ

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Price Expensive
Fare Traditional Italian

Restaurant Ratings

Overall Rating  

Restaurant Review

thumbs up Well prepared traditional Italian food served in huge portions.

thumbs up They offer a large selection of standard and special menu items

thumbs down Higher priced than other Bordentown restaurants of comparable quality.

thumbs downParking spots can be difficult on weekends.

Value: Good
Noise Level: High during peak times
Dress: Casual
Recommended For: Diners who enjoy good traditional Italian food served in huge portions.
Not Recommended For: Diners who may prefer more complex, creative Italian food preparation in a more trendy setting
Recommended dishes: Pappardelle Bolognese; Root Beer Glazed French Cut Pork Chop; and the Veal Francaise.
Liquor: Bar is stocked with reasonably priced, mid-range wines, beers and cocktails.

Toscanos Ristorante, located in downtown historic Bordentown, is an old world Italian restaurant that is considered one of the better restaurants in the Bordentown area.

The entrance opens up to a large bar on your way to settling into the bi-level dining area. The decor and ambiance gives gives off a pleasant ambiance with soft lighting and tables set with faux candles and blue/white table linens.

They offer an extensive selection of standard menu items and daily specials. The food preparation and ingredients are traditional Italian with very few creative offerings included in the variety of traditional offerings.

Be forewarned, the portions are huge and unless you have a gargantuan appetite you will be leaving with a doggie bag.

On Sunday's they offer a traditional Italian style family dinner for two.

There is street parking and a large public parking lot across the street next to Farnsworth House.

Toscanos Ristorante is open Tuesday's to Friday's for lunch and seven days a week for dinner.

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