Schellengers, Wildwood, NJ: A Restaurant Review

Schellengers, Wildwood
Schellenger's Restaurant
3516 Atlantic Avenue

Fare: Seafood

Price: Moderate

Value: Excellent

Noise Level: Very Loud

Dress: Very casual

One of the top Wildwood family oriented seafood restaurants. Huge menu that appeals to families with kids.

Recommended For: Family Diners who enjoy fresh seafood in a family friendly, Jersey Shore setting

Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer more eclectic seafood dishes with fine dining amenities

Recommended dishes: When available, The Maine lobster, steaks, and pasta dishes. If you want to sample, try the devil's platter with 6 shrimp scampi, 6 oz filet mignon, and a 6 oz lobster tail. .

Liquor: Full Service Bar; Cocktails, beer and wine are offered in a variety of selections.

Restaurant Review

Schellengers is a landmark Wildwood seafood restaurant that is easy to find with it's rooftop comical lobster trying to escape a boiling pot of water.

This is a restaurant with character. The nautical theme, though a little tacky, is very Wildwood Jersey Shore and is present throughout the interior of restaurant with murals on the walls and wooden carvings of sea life hanging throughout the dining room. To complete the nautical theme, there is an aquarium near the entrance.

Diners feel like they are dining right on a pier which is fully equipped with pilings and working buoy lights.

It's especially family and kid friendly.

The restaurant offers a huge selection of seafood dishes with ample portions at a reasonable price. While the seafood is fresh, this is not a gourmet restaurant, preparation is basic Jersey Shore style. Fresh lobster is their specialty.

Service is friendly and attentive.

Expect a long wait at Schellengers during the peak summer months.

Free parking is available across the street.

Schellenger’s has seasonal hours. During the summer season, they are  open every day at 3 pm.

(updated: May, 2017)

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