New Jersey, The Best State to Live In:
Five Reasons Why It's NJ

Discover why New Jersey is the Best State to Live in. While its not the cheapest, find out why it's the best

While there are many reasons why New Jersey is the Best State to Live in, discover the Top Five Reasons.

Often the butt of jokes from visitors from neighboring states, and negative stereotyping from TV shows like the Sopranos, and The Housewives of New Jersey.

Despite the jokes and negative stereotyping, New Jersey continues to attract people looking for good paying jobs, quality health care and education, awesome leisure activities, diverse geography, an enormous variety of good restaurants, and a great place to raise kids.

Right up front, New Jersey is an expensive state to live in. The definition of best does not mean "cheap" or "inexpensive".

While you may be paying more, New Jersey has the nation's best state and municipal services contributing to an infrastructure that supports a safe environment and a variety of quality of life services.

"Nothing is more expensive than mediocrity." --- American industrialist J. Irwin Miller.

Five Reasons Why
New Jersey is the Best State to Live In

1. Health care
By almost any measure, NJ is at the top of any list in states with the best health care.. In addition to enjoying some of the top medical professionals in the country, New jersey, geographically centered just across the river in NYC and Philadelphia, provides New Jersey residents with close access to some of the best medical institutions and doctors in the world.
According to a 2023 study, by U.S.News World report, New Jersey ranked 4th in Health Care, and ranked New Jersey #2 for Public Health and #1 for loweet suicide rate.

2. Low Crime Rate
According U.S.News World report, in 2023, New Jersey ranked 6th in the nation for public safety. Ranking 9th best for low property crime, and 6th best for violent crime.

3. Education
New Jersey stands tall when it comes to education
According to Scholaroo, an education oriented body of knowledge, staffed with a team of scholarship professionals. in 2023 they reported New Jersey is ranked #1 in education.

4. Entertainment
New Jersey is a Mecca for entertainment. Because of the states small size, world class entertainment is in easy reach of most New Jersey residents. There are major entertainment venues throughout the state as well as the hotel casino's, and the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, and other Jersey Shore venues. New Jersey also has 2 NFL teams, and a NHL Team. And with New York City and Philadelphia, just across the river with Broadway shows and major entertainment venues, the entertainment options for New Jersey residents are unbeatable.

5. Geographic Diversity
With outstanding beaches like Cape May, Avalon, Stone Harbor, and Wildwood being the best on the East Coast, beautiful hills and mountains in Northwest NJ, and quaint Victorian towns like Cape May, and the many organic farms, and historic Revolutionary war sites, all easily accessible within an hour's drive from almost any place in the state. National Geographic magazine has called New Jersey "America in Miniature."

Overall, New Jersey ranked The 2nd "Best State to Live In"

Source: Financial Website Wallet Hub, August, 2023
The metrics used to calculate the overall score include:
Affordability, Economy, Education & Health, Quality of Life, and S