The Hot Grill

A Clifton, NJ Restaurant Review

Hot Grill, Clifton, NJ
The Hot Grill
669 Lexington Ave.
Clifton, NJ
973) 772-6000

Restaurant Highlights

Fare:  Hot dogs

Price: In-expensive

A northern NJ landmark hot dog stand serving the best "Hot" Texas Weiner -- Chilli dog. in NJ

Can get crowded

Value: Excellent

Recommended For:  Value conscious Diners who enjoy excellent hot dogs in a homy, no - frills, inexpensive setting.

Not Recommended For: Diners who prefer more amenities in a sit down family oriented setting.

Recommended Dishes: Texas Weiners - Chili Dog"; and the tender roast beef with gravy platter: and The chili with beans.

Restaurant Review

The Hot Grill is a northern NJ landmark hot dog stand with a historic background having evolved from past generations of former employees of the creator of the "Hot" Texas Weiner -- Chilli dog.

Contrary to what Texans may think, the Texas Weiner had its beginnings in a Greek hot dog stand in Paterson, NJ and since 1961, past generations of former employees of the stand eventually settled in The Hot Grill have been holding down the fort in Clifton.

They serve up a deep fried dog covered with chili sauce, onions, and mustard. They have been making them since 1961 and the taste is an excellent representation of the true "Hot" Texas Weiner Chilli dog..

The Hot Grill is always packed and placing your order is part of the unique experience of eating here. There is no orderly line to stand in, almost like going to the local bar at happy hour that is filled with people who are waving to get the bartenders attention to take your order.

There's a long counter with order takers and servers behind it. It seems to work as your order is eventually taken and your wait is well worth it as you get to experience one of the best chili dogs you have ever eaten.

While The Hot Grill's signature "Texas Weiners - Chili Dog" is the main reason to come here, they also serve up some very good homemade soups, hamburgers, tender roast beef with gravy platter, and not surprisingly,an excellent chili with beans.

(updated; August 2018)

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