A Guide to the Heritage Glass Museum

An historical museum dedicated to preserving the heritage
of the glass industry in the region

Heritage Glass Museum
Glassboro Heritage Glass Museum
25 High St E
Glassboro, NJ 08028
(856) 881-7468

Admission is free.
Visiting hours:
Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.
Groups can arrange tours by appointment. Students, scout groups, church or any other group organization are welcome. Tours are free, donations are encouraged but not required. Group tour arrangements are to be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Heritage Glass

The glass industry in Glassboro has a history of being recognized as the premier center in the US for the best equipped and the home of artisans that produced the greatest variety of styles and colors.

The glass industry has it's beginnings in 1779 when Solomon Stanger and his family, migrated from Dorhagen, Germany and established a glass works on 200 acres.

The Stangers selected the area for their glass works because the superior quality of the sand found in the region, the abundance of oak trees to fuel and glass furnaces, and the close proximity to Philadelphia to market and ship their products to various ports along the East Coast and Europe.

At the museum you can trace the history of the glass industry in the region. Examples of historic bottles, glass, and related items are on display.

The Heritage Glass Museum is committed to the retrieval, preservation, and exhibution of historic galss, bottles, and related glass products.  In doing so, they are able to identify links between the past and the present, providing a connection to local history.

The museum is also encouraged to present exhibits of bottles and related items to secure, accessible public locations such as school, libraries and colleges, in an effort to increase awareness of our great glass heritage, and to encourage public interest..