Bernards Inn, Bernardsville, NJ: A Restaurant Review

Bernards Inn, Bernardsville, NJ

The Bernards Inn is an upscale, "Contemporary Casual Dining" experience popular with millennials 

Bernards Inn
27 Mine Brook Road
Bernardsville, NJ

Bernards Inn: Restaurant Highlights

Fare: New American

Price: Moderate - Expensive

Food Quality: Serves a well executed menu of lighter fare.

Service: Friendly, attentive.

Ambiance/Decor: Attractive, contemporary chic

Overall Rating: 2 1/2 Stars - Classified as "Contemporary Casual Dining" -- (* Note - See below restaurant classification for details) 

Note: Four star Rating System from
1/2 Star = poor to Four stars = Best in Class

Noise Level: Moderate

Dress: Casual

Recommended For: Diners who enjoy a well executed menu in an upscale casual setting with a good alcohol selection. 

Not Recommended For: Diners who enjoy "Old World" fine dining, or for diners who enjoy a casual family style setting with traditional tavern food.

Recommended dishes: When available, The Faroe Island Salmon; The Char-grilled Flat Iron steak; and for a more casual entree, The Red Dragon Burger..

Liquor: Full selection of cocktails and extensive wine selection, specialty cocktails, and craft & seasonal beers.

Restaurant Review

The Bernards Inn, set in a restored, historic Circa 1907 hotel, is an upscale dining experience, popular with millennials who enjoy meeting up with friends or family for drinks and food.

The Bernards Inn has recently undergone a multi- million-dollar renovation that is aimed at Millennial patrons. This is an upgrade from being stuffy "Old World" formal, to having a more casual, contemporary, chic, vibe. The decor transitioned from the old Edwardian manor theme to a less homey, more chic atmosphere.

In addition to their main dining room, they have an attractive wine vault dining area with seating for up to 50 people, The bar area has been upgraded to a more casual vibe, complete with TVs for game watching.

During the warmer summer months, there is outdoor dining on the Terrace.

As part of this renovation and new image, the kitchen is now under the direction of Executive Chef Brian Fuller who previously served as Sous Chef at Bernards Inn

Chef Fuller received formal culinary education at the famed Culinary Institute of America before honing his culinary skills at Pleasantdale Chateau, The Park Avenue Club in Madison, and at David Ellis Catering before joining Bernards Inn as Sous Chef.

Chef Fullers style of cooking features a lighter fare, with an occasional offering of local seasonal, fresh farm to table ingredients.

The menu has a limited selection of high-end entrees, it also has a good variety bar-friendly items i.e., snacks, and small plates.

A pleasant start the dining experience is the artisanal bread accompanied by the sun-dried tomato-based spread.

While Bernards Inn is known as a venue for weddings, and corporate events, the quality of the food in the public dining rooms are at a level above the typical banquet room venues.

In the cooler months, snuggle up to the cozy fireplace with a cocktail before dinner.

The Bernards Inn is open seven days/week for dinner, six days/week for breakfast and their a la carte brunch on Sunday. Lunch is served five days/week, Monday-Friday.

They are also open for the winter holidays on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve, with a special holiday menu.

* Description of Restaurant Classification - Contemporary Casual:

  • Ambiance is trendy, chic with Instagram-worthy decor.
  • Chic, trendy ambiance with a casual atmosphere and a casual dress code.
  • Has an approachable, more casual menu. 
  • Not intended to be chef driven. Chefs credentials are less than other upscale Chef-Inspired Fine and Casual Dining restaurants. 
  • Menu items are priced lower than other upscale restaurants.
  • Uses lower priced ingredients with less or no emphasis on local seasonal farm-to-table produce, wild caught seafood, & organic products. 
  • Has a large alcohol menu with a large variety of lower – medium priced specialty cocktails, imported and craft beers, and wines.
  • Centerpiece is often an attractive bar and lounge setting with a vibrant crowd.
  • Table service tends to be less professional, with a limited knowledge of menu items, though friendly and attentive. 
  • Patrons tend to be Millennials and post-Millennial Gen Z.

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(updated November 2021)