Where Can I Launch a Kayak
in Union County, NJ?

Where can I launch kayaks in Union County, nj?

Union County is the only county in New Jersey without a recognized kayak launch site. However you may want to inquire about kayaking at the following Union County locations;

Warinanco Park
St. Georges Avenue
(908) 298-7845

The Cranford Canoe Club
Rahway River

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Looking For A Place to Go Mountain Climbing, Hiking, and Kayaking

Looking for a place to do mountain climbing, kayaking, and hiking over the weekend in New Jersey. Also, where is the Outdoor Activity page first picture from? Looks like a good place to go.

The picture on the Outdoor Activity Page is taken on the Delaware Water Gap overlooking the Delaware River which also happens to be a good location for mountain climbing, hiking, and kayaking.

Mount Tammany on the Delaware River offers some spectacular views from the The Kittatinny Ridge (meaning “Endless Mountain” in the Lenape Native American language) comes to an abrupt, spectacular end at Mount Tammany. The 1,527-foot ridge plunges 1,200 feet into the Delaware Water Gap. This river gorge is a NJ natural treasure.The gorge serves as gateway to the Upper Delaware River Valley, a tapestry of folded mountains, tumbling waterfalls and forested bottom land supporting black bear, migrating golden eagles and spawning shad.

A good hiking trail to take is from Dunnfield Creek parking area in Worthington State Forest

There are over 26 miles of trails within the park including 5 miles of canoe trails on the Delaware River and over 7 miles of the Appalachian Trail. All trails within the park are hiking only.

Boat Launches (River Access Points) on The NJ side of the Delaware are:
Namanock Access (No fee) GPS 41.255441 -74.845498
Poxono Access (No Fee) GPS 41.040349 -75.022222

Happy hiking,


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Does New Jersey Have Mountain Climbing and Kayaking?

Do you have any mountains that people can go mountain climbing in? And is there a place to go kayaking?
Franks Reply:

Hi Ashley,
New Jersey has plenty of exciting outdoor activities that get you close up with nature including; hiking, kayaking, and mountain climbing. A description of the activities and locations can be found at:

Mountain Climbing, Hiking, and Kayaking

Kayaking in New Jersey

Pine Barrens Kayaking

Exploring The New Jersey Section of the Appalachian Trail

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Do You Need a Public Access Permit for Kayaking in NJ?

Hi, do you need a permit to kayak in new jersey? I know you do in NY?

Many public Kayak launch sites require permits to launch a kayak. I suggest you contact the launch site in advance of your trip to find out their launch policy. You can get information on the Kayak launch sites in NJ by going to the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association's web site

Happy kayaking,
Frank Dalotto

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